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How do I make a new paragraph on facebook on my iPad?

Asked by JLeslie (54503points) April 22nd, 2011

They changed facebook again, and now when you hit return it enters your comment. I can’t figure out how to make a new paragraph using my ipad.

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Write your stuff in notes and copy-paste it

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Ugh. I hope there is a better answer, but I guess that will work for now.

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Facebook on Idevices sucks pretty hard

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oh, oh!!! I know this one! Hit shift while you hit return. It was bumming me out too

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Usually shift – enter works to create a new paragraph.

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@Stefaniebby beat you to it :)

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@Blueroses beat me to the punch ;)

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You owe me a Coke

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I’m gonna try now.

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Not working.

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That works on computers only I think

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I think there is somewhere in the settings where you can make it so that ‘enter’ does not post a message, but instead starts a new paragraph, but I don’t remember where that is at. I’ll look around and see if I can find it.

ETA: All I could find on Facebook about it now is to use the shift + enter to do it. I’ll keep an eye out for it though. I remember seeing something about it once before.

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@JLeslie :/ that’s lame, works on my tablet just fine :(

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yeah, I see other ipad users saying that shift enter works for them

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Maybe I’ll call Apple. I have something malfunctioning with the last update anyway.

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Shift-Enter is how you do it on a normal keyboard. If you have those keys on the iPad, then the combination should work.

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I don’t know if anyone’s still following this question, but on my iPad the shift+enter combo does not work in comments. Other ipad users have said that the shift+enter combo works fine in wall posts, though. I don’t know why it would work only in wall posts and not comments, but it’s definitely a pain in the arse : |

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I just happened across this solution:

turn on your Caps Lock and then double click on shift icon, then press return

Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Enable Caps Lock

still seems like a hassle, but my friend says it works in all FB fields.

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Hold & down

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