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How do you fit in on fluther?

Asked by Mikewlf337 (6262points) May 21st, 2011

How do you fit in on fluther. Do you get along with everyone? Are you an outsider? Are you an outcast? Are you a troll? Please explain.

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I think I get along with everyone. I haven’t got into any arguements or been treated badly at all. Everyone is very nice to me and I’d like to think they’re quite close, like family :)

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I think I fit in pretty well. People seem to like my answers the majority of the time, or at least respect my thoughts even if they disagree. Every so often someone really hatefully picks apart something I have written. I am atheist like so many here, and fairly liberal on most issues, but I want to here the point of view from those who think differently than I do, I think most in collective are interested to know other standpoints, makes for great conversation and learning.

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I don’t really know the answer to this question. I know that I have friends here. I gotten into heated discussions a few times. I’ve asked what I thought were thought provoking questions only to have them ignored, and I’ve asked what I thought were banal ones and people have jumped all over them. I honestly don’t know how other people view me.

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@hawaii_jake I know I love you :)

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I just state my opinion. If you all don’t like it then I couldn’t care less. I’m not looking for people I don’t know ( or any people that is ) to approve of who I am and my personality.

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I am a Christian on a largely Atheist site.
I am straight, and have been happily married for nearly 27 years. Many here are divorced, or in a differently sexually focused group.
I am also a bit silly, on a site full of very serious minded people.
This is a challenge, and an opportunity for my minority side to be heard.

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Don’t know. I’m sure there are many users who shake their head in bewilderment after reading some of my responses. Oh well, I do the same with theirs. ;)

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I like the group hugs.

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@worriedguy ((((((((hugs)))))))))

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Like this

I’m the thumb

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Pretty much a lone wolf type….go where I may and go where I might and have a little fun along the way. ;)

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Even though I’m a belligerently confrontational psycho, who’s a member of Christian Identity, and hates all forms of entertainment, I seem to fit in okay here. ;-)

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I’m just bobbing along in KatawaGrey’s wake, but lots of people like her, so I think I’m pretty tolerated here… ;-)

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Does this answer your question?

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I like most of the people here. I usually sit on the outside of a group and watch what goes on in the group and I feel I do the same here.

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<—— social chameleon and quasi-lovable asshole.

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@Blondesjon He is just that ^
Btw, what is a “quasi-lovable” asshole?

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@queenie . . . follow the arrow . . .

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I have the same philosophy to fitting in on fluther as I do elsewhere in life. Some people will like me and others will not. I cannot control how others feel about me. Do I fit in? I don’t seek to “fit in”. I seek to be truthful to who I am and honest in my opinions and responses. That’s all any of us can do. I think if you start worrying about “fitting in” you begin to moderate yourself based on your own perception of what the group wants or expects and my perception could be totally wrong.

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Since Tink left, I am the only openly Penguin that I know of on the site so I feel I represent a unique point of view here.

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I have no idea.

I think I get along with pretty much everyone.

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I know a few people really don’t like me, but I’m fine with that since the feeling is generally mutual.

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Only a few people seem to dislike me, and the feeling is mutual. Otherwise, I think I’ve carved my niche out quite well.

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Oh you are a gun-totting sweetie @incendiary_dan

What is it with male jellies and guns???

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There’s plenty of the female jellies around here with guns, too.

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Shakes head and dons a bullet proof vest.

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No such thing as “bullet-proof”. Just bullet resistant.

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I will just have to try not to piss people off too much then .. while wearing my bullet-RESISTANT vest :-)

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I guess I fit in here as well as I do anywhere else. I have friends here and I’m not sure if there is anyone here who really doesn’t like me, maybe there is, I don’t know, it’s certainly possible, but if there is I’m not sure I really care. I’m pretty sure I get on some people’s nerves and can be annoying sometimes, and occasionally, but not often, I hope, I might, maybe be worse than just annoying but… such is the nature of things; of life. I just try my best to be who I am, not be too terribly awful and to do my best to see that there are as few casualties as possible in the process.

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The hell-bent-on-destruction banshee-bitch in my head tries to tell me that certain people really don’t like me, and talk about me badly behind my back. But then I think of the people who have treated me genuinely kindly and warmly and wittily, and I glow with reassurance.

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You’re not doing too bad @ladymia69. You may or may not have realized this but today, or at least May 21st, and that might still be today somewhere, is your 4 month anniversary on fluther and 6094 lurve in only 4 months is not at all shabby, not at all, so your hell-bent-on-destruction banshee-bitch of a self has made at least a few friends here, it seems. :-) Happy anniversary, btw.

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I’ve made some amazing friends and I like just about everybody. Even if I don’t like one person’s comments on one thread, I’ll give them a GA on a different topic because nobody’s one-dimensional here. So, I think I feel pretty at home here.

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I really don’t have a clue. I don’t do much pm-ing and judging from answers and discussions, a lot of people do. I guess I too fit into the group that says I state my opinion and try to be respectful of others. Although I have been accused of being intolerant, I certainly try not to be.
I am often surprised at those who seem to have developed a distinct dislike for me based on my opinions. I have lots of friends who have differing ideas and ideals but we are still friends.
So if you are one of those, it is your loss, cuz I am a hell of a loyal friend and nice person! :-)

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Like a glove.
I feel very loved, really.

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Hmmmm. I don’t know that I have a niche or a place where I fit in. I’m just… me. I try to helpful and thoughtful and occasionally amusing. As long as that has happened for one or two of you, then I think I’m okay here. :~)

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I guess I think of my role here as reading questions and answering them when I possess information. I don’t have a clique or group to which I belong on Fluther (although I do fine in real life). Frequently I am a clarifier—teasing out the details of the question to help me grasp what the OP is asking so I can determine if I can help or not with a response.

There are some folks on here whose posts I read (and enjoy) and others whose posts I avoid (after reading enough of their posts over time to discern that they are 1) trolls, 2) incapable of reading the description of the question or answers provided by others before answering, 3) hell-bent on being argumentative for its own sake, and/or 4) inclined to view Fluther as their personal popularity contest and bombard the community with inane questions or teenage relationship angst).

There was a time earlier in my life that I might have cared more about what virtual people think of me or what I write than I am capable of mustering today.

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I am a Christian on a site that has more Atheist than religious people.
I am a Conservative on a site that has more Liberals than Conservatives.
I am not here to fit in at all. I am here to socialize but not to fit in with the majority. I do like to make friends here. I have but I have earned the ire of people as well. I still visit this site everyday. I come here everyday because I enjoy some of the people here. To the ones that don’t like me, well I come here to make sure that there are people who disagree with you and that your view is not the only view.

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I don’t know. I think I get on with everyone, I certainly haven’t had a heated debate with anyone for a long time but that doesn’t mean that everyone likes me (I do try to be likeable though, I enjoy Fluther too much to make enemies here). I don’t see it as a place to “fit in” as such. I come here, usually daily, answer (or ask) the questions that strike my fancy and chat to people when the opportunity arrises. I’m not in any specific group (if there are groups), although there are people that I seem to get into conversation with more than others.

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I don’t think fitting in on fluther has anythinng to do in the end with being an atheist or not, or liberal or not, it has to do with wanting to hear people’s opinions, debating, and learning. All these things require people of different opinions and perspectives to participate. It is about being civil, curious, and willing to accept your original opinion might be flawed or have another side.

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I’m probably the most loved and respected person on this site, if not the world.

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I dunno, really: you tell me.

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I’m just one more cog in the Fluther machine. I try to do the best I can based upon my own knowledge and experiences and I try to add a little bit of humor into the mix. And it’s always my deep down intention to get cheese brought into the conversation.

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@Kool_Gal Being here less than a week qualifies you as n00bie. Barely. Check back in a month and I’ll let you know if you are an outsider.

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@zen doesn’t 3 lurve mean @Kool_Gal is creeping up toward the inside?

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I generally get along fairly well with everyone (until I mod them, that is ~), and have made some wonderful friends here. I don’t know that I have a specific niche to fill, or a group I belong to (not counting the mods), but I do know that I enjoy being here.

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I feel welcome

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If fluther had a cleavage, i’d be the gormless bugger grinning from ear to ear betwixed it’s fine bosom ;¬}

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You know I lurve you @rooeytoo! :D

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I’m an outsider whom other jelly pretend to like.

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Éminence grise.

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I get on well with a good number of jellies, even if we disagree on various subjects. I admit to being an opinionated bitch, and for the most part, many jellies have come to accept that, and even expect that from me occasionally.

I think I fit in okay, especially when all pretenses and facades are stripped away and we’re all just nekked jellies eatin’ pancakes around a frizzer.

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@jonsblond – :-) it is a mutual admiration society!

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I fit like a square peg to Fluther’s round hole.

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@erichw1504 NO YOU DON’T. You are more loved than you realise. ♥

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I’m that girl over there who occasionally has something to stay but mainly observes; a floater.

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