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I keep trying to find plus size apparel manufacturers in the web and I keep getting retailers who say they are can I get in touch with USA manufacturers?

Asked by sandymo (17points) April 24th, 2008

how can I get in touch with usa plus size apparel manufacturers

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you are much better off using a foreign manufacturer, their easy to find, but if you really want a USA one, i know there are a few in philadelphia, i dont know if they are plus size though.
if i may ask why do you need to know? starting a company?

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Are you looking for clothes for yourself that were made in the USA? I don’t quite understand your question.

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if i understood correctly shes looking for a clothing manufacturer, a place that will make, cut out, sew and mass produce, her plus size clothing. More commonly done across seas because it is much cheaper.

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@dithibodeaux, thats a retail seller not a manufacturer.

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ok, if you want to sell you need to contact places like Colombia. Need a Number or something?

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