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Do blind people dream?

Asked by Zack_In_Black (351points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone

If they can’t/ or never have seen anything do they dream? Or do they dream sounds? Can they think of pictures? I’ve always wondered…

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They have auditory dreams. I cant site a source from the iPhone, but check wikipedia.

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It can also depend on when they became blind. Being blind from birth and becoming blind in your life make a big difference on this answer.

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I think they may see spots of colors, kinda like how people see spots when they close their eyes.

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The people who are blind from birth do not see any color or shapes or anything. They have no reference for any of this, so their minds cannot make it. The only things that they have for reference are sound, touch, smell and taste. Those are the only senses in their dreams.

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I would think that just because they have never seen color or shape doesn’t mean they don’t dream! Imagination, like dreams, are part of the brain, and not part of the eyes! I’m sure they have very “abstract” dreams! I would agree that their dreams are more sensually oriented.
Some google results, with several blind people answering this question!

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I just watched a special two days ago about a blind man. He can draw perfect portraits, amazing landscapes, and best of all bested a 14th century artist who dicovered perspective in paintings. They tested the blind man, who was born without eyes, and he was able to draw perspective on his forst try. He also said he dreams in pictures.

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yes they dream, but something only partly related that I always find interesting is that the deaf for whom sign is a first language sign in their sleep instead of talking.

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