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Shooting star?

Asked by lovelyy (1134points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I heard once that there is a shooting star every three min. is that true?

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I imagine it happens quite a bit, if not way more.
I’ve been lucky to catch almost 10 in one night.
I drove as far away from the city as I could and I saw quite a few.

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I’ve seen quite a few in my time. There’s not much better than cuddleing up to someone you care for and spending the night watching for them.

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Please Google; Meteors, Comets, or Astronomy 101.

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Read a book on shooting stars girl!

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“NIghtwatch” by Terrence Dickinson is a good start for general astronomical and cosmological info.

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I have been in mountains so far away from cities that I felt like I was in space. You could see shooting stars all over the place. Beautiful.

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I live in an area like that. Most nights you see an occasional random meter, at best. They usually come in showers, being the broken remnants of comets’ tails; and the earth runs into them in her yearly orbit. That is why meteor showers are predicable, altho intensity can vary from year to year. The Leonid shower in Nov. 2002 was spectacular. I saw between 80 and 100 a minute from my deck! I sat there, bundled up, from 3:30 AM to sunup.

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I doubt it, look in the sky… Where are they?

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