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Besides drinking pure (no sugar added) Cranberry juice and a crapload of water, is there any way to take care of a bladder infection, so, that it will disappear?

Asked by Jude (32134points) May 29th, 2011

I really don’t want to have to go to the doctors and pay for an antibiotic.

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Cranberry caplets are available where vitamins are sold. It’s like drinking lots and lots of the juice, but without having to taste it. I recommend them, but this is not medical advice. :) Let’s just say it works for me. I take lots of them all day, though – but that’s as good as it gets for home remedies. Good luck.

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No. This is seriously one of those things that absolutely requires a doctor’s care. There is a chance that it will clear up on its own, but at the same time there is a chance that it will get worse and spread. Although it’s tempting to wait it out, risking a more severe infection could be very bad.

I never go to the doctor. I wait until I’m near death before I go, but my doctor has always pushed that if I come in for nothing else… to come in for a UTI. Best to go, honestly. That’s not just the “safe” answer, either.

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I’m kind of prone to them (all that catheterizing when I had cancer treatments…yuck) and I can usually tell when one is starting up. I drink masses of clean fresh water and take a lot of vitamin C. I was told by my doctor that since you pee out any extra C the ascorbic acid in your bladder really works on the infection. If it’s really bad, I’m afraid you have no choice but to go the antibiotic route, but I could kick the lesser ones within 24 hours. Don’t get caught too far from a bathroom. ;-)

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Infection + antibiotic = Healthy bladder

Infections in bladder can lead to kidney infections, not good!

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There is some good advice here but if it doesn’t get better soon I would see a doctor.

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There is a walk-in clinic open, tomorrow, so, I’ll get in and get my scrip.

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Yay, your kidneys thank you!

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Once you get the infection, nothing is going to cure it except antibiotics. Water and cranberry can help relieve the symptoms, but wont’ fix it. Cranberry is a preventative, not a cure. Has enzymes the coat the lining of your bladder so the bacteria can’t get a hold. Clever stuff.

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You really should get an antibiotic for your bladder infection. Sometimes the symptoms can disappear, but the infection is still there and can go into your kidneys.

Bladder infections are nothing to mess around with. Also, cranberry juice is good for stopping recurrences, but not so much for curing them.

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If you have an infection, you need antibiotics.

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I once had a bladder infection and didn’t go to the doctor. Ended up with a kidney infection. Not good.
My advice would be to drink shitloads of water and and fruit juices rich in vitamin C. That will hopefully prevent it getting worse and reaching the point where you have to have an antibiotic.

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Once you have a bladder infection cranberry juice worsens it. You have to drink cranberry juice as a preventative. Other than this, go to the doctor.

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Go to the doctor ultimatly a urinary tract infection that went into the bladder then to the kidney’s is what killed my grandmother. She was on life support after having complications from open heart surgery for many many months, we moved her to a long term care facility who we had heard was successful at getting long term patients off life support. She battled and won was off life support but never told any one of the pain she was having from the uti or anything because she didn’t want to complain. She was getting ready to go home finally in just 2 weeks after over 6 months in the hospital/long term care facility and then she went into cardiac arrest and died because the infection got into her blood stream and killed her. Don’t be a martar go to the doctor get the antibotics and clear it up before it kills you!!!

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Just another suggestion. Since you’ll be taking an antibiotic, have some yogurt (with active cultures) every day that you’re on it. It helps to replace the good flora that the medication removes along with the bad ones. And if you’re prone to yeast infections when you take an antibiotic, it will help with that problem too.

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