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Is ther flash?

Asked by melvin95 (1points) April 25th, 2008 from iPhone

on the iphone

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is ther flash on the iphone

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I opened a Pandora’s box, hoping to answer this question; all that was left was hope… and

P.S. Not yet.

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And per the iPhone’s SDK terms of services, which prohibits the interpretation/execution of third-party code/emulators (like Flash and Java), chances of it coming soon are rather slim.

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i heard something about apple making a deal with adobe to import a slimmed down version of flash, since the original version would take up too much battery power and a bunch of other reasons. but this might not even be true, just so ya know.

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So I couldplay games like Runescape and Miniclip on my iTouch?

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i dont know, no one really does, except apple and adobe, pretty much. if they do release a version thats slimmed down, it’ll probly only be able to do certain things, and im thinking probly smaller things that dont have alot to load and dont have alot going on, but who knows, they may figure something out that’ll make all flash possible on it.

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I believe there isn’t flag yet because the iphone’s RAM is so small. I often get kicked from the Internet when there is too much data moving. So unless they can make a much less data intense form of it, then no flash.

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Specifically, Steve Jobs said that full Flash was too much of a resource hog, and that Adobe’s Flash Lite lacked the minimum set of features to be useful. That what’s needed is a product in between those two, that doesn’t exist.

Adobe and Apple aren’t on the best terms right now anyway. So while anything is certainly possible, the likelihood, I think, is pretty slim for the time being.

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