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On a scale ranging from 0 to 10 how innocent are you ?

Asked by Hibernate (9058points) June 11th, 2011

The scale:
0 – zero guilt
10 – no innocence at all

I’m sure most of you know what innocence refers to but I’ll add the definition to [ just so it’s here ].
Innocence is a term used to indicate a general lack of guilt, with respect to any kind of crime, sin, or wrongdoing.
In a legal context, innocence refers to the lack of legal guilt of an individual, with respect to a crime.

So how do you feel ?

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I’ll start.
I’m about a 3 or so… sometimes I have a lot of remorse over many things.

A lot of my actions are innocent at the core.

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I thought that you meant like an innocent, little flower. In which case, I’d be a 0.

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9. Maybe 10. Just about everything is my fault. I mean, not everything in the world, but everything in my life. If it went wrong, I’m probably guilty. None of it intentionally, of course, but I guess that just makes it worse.

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I’m a 9. I have done some terrible things, and I recognize how much I have fallen short.
That said, I haven’t murdered my ex-boss.

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It seems like such a specious question because so much depends on subjective assessment and also how long you’ve lived.

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100, at least.

I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.

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I’m gonna call it an even 5, it’s probably the truth and likely to be the lifetime average for my life.

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I come in at 0; I have never eaten the face of a living woman, nor that of a living child.

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ooh -ratboy; now I know why you have your name!

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As far as criminal activity, I’d say the statute of limitations makes me a 0 as far as causing a ruckus, give me a 10…been there done that and done that again! ;)

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Maybe a 3. At my age, what I’ve done myself and what I know of that others have done but I keep to myself makes me feel a bit burdened but not full on tainted.

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I plead the fifth ;¬}

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I have to agree with the above response. As much as I’d like to believe I’m innocent (and youthful), I have my moments.

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Well, I think I’m about a 7. I have yet to kill anybody, so that’s good. But I have caused such commotion that my halo has fallen off several times.

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Probably about a 15.

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Depends on the situation. In general I’ll say I’m higher than 10.

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I’m smoking weed that I blended with some cigarettes that I stole from my brother. In a while, I will pirate some media of some kind, probably a movie, and watching with the volume louder than local noise laws allow for this time of night.

In the morning I will wake up, and go to my job, where I spend most of my time trying to bleed tourists dry via taking them on illegal and unlicensed fishing trips, uninsured archery practice, and uninsured and unlicensed riffle shooting. At some point I’m bound to get thirsty, when this happens I’ll probably help my self to some “free” soda or juice.

This is my life when I’m just going about my business. If I should happen to get offered some kind of oportunity, I may just step it up a notch.

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I regret some serious mistakes I made in the past. I’ve done what I can to make amends. Some things and their consequences can’t be changed. I rate me a 3 on these.

My life of crime rates a 1.

As for sin, I am not in a position to rate myself on this construct.

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Like @ucme , I have to plead the fifth. There is much I regret, and some of it cannot be made good.

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A 4. but it depends on the situation. Usually i’ll never feel guilty as i try and reason with whatever i’ve done but i have felt shameful or guilty for some things.


About a 5. I’ve done things in the past which I’m not proud of (not crime-wise, but morally), but I’m pretty naive about other things in life too.

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I’m pretty innocent, but I do occasionally run a red light in the middle of the night and skip flossing.

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Ground Zero! for the last 10 years at least

The full monty of my guilty deeds involve a few not so sick, ‘sick’ day calls to work, same goes for my daughter as a child, ‘mental health’ rest days, and stealing a rock form a kid in 3rd grade, which I was caught for and promptly returned with great humiliation. lol

I once trespassed on my neighbors property and when I was caught by the grumpy old man I lied and said I was looking for my cat.

Oh, and I once threw my ex husbands glasses on the floor and the lenses popped out.

I popped them back in and the next day he said ” Wow, it was so wierd, I was driving and looked down and the lens fell out of my glasses”...lolol I feigned ‘innocence.” My ONLY passive aggressive move, ever.

I once lied to my boss about using the phone, but…there it is, the extent of my guilty deeds.

I have NEVER lied to, cheated on, or otherwise caused grave harm throguh my actions, and, I am proud of that!

I like the woman in the mirror, and that’s a good thing!

Oh, I did tell an ex friend once that they were about as stimulating to be around as a potato under the sink. lol

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