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Can taking pain medication outdated 2-3 years make you ill?

Asked by fedupwitcaddys (417points) June 29th, 2011

I suffer from degenerative disc disease and my lower spine is constantly in pain. My doctor won’t prescribe me any more vicodin. I have a friend that’s a war veteran that’s constantly taking pain meds, so I borrowed a bottle of vic’s from him that said exp.‘08 but I figured they still might work. The pills knocked out the pain but all of a sudden I started throwing up like crazy. Does anyone know the dangers of taking outdated Vicodin? I will go to almost any extent to get pain relief.

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More likely it won’t be very effective than make you sick. But, if it made you sick, sounds like not a good idea. Is his dose maybe much higher than the dose you were on? That drug is pretty strong and addictive.

Have you seen a pain specialist? Or, only an orthopedist?

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I’ve seen a specialist and more than likely I’ll have to deal with it opposed to surgery. I’m use to Vicodin but I doubled up on the dose because the pain was soo great. They’re just 500mg tabs.

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My father has a script for oxycontin, and I’ve taken it a few times when I’ve injured my back…it always makes me throw up. Some people are just sensitive I think.

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Overly high doses will pretty much make us all puke, or at the very least make you feel nauseous. I made a bad mistake once when I took some pain meds after forgetting I had done so not long before. I think I may have felt what it might feel like to be dead.
500 mg seems like a horse tranquilizer. Some meds will have the narcotic value first, then a slash, and then the anti inflamative value, which should be the bigger number.

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@fedupwitcaddys Some pain doctors are anesthesiologists and some are neurologists. You might want to try a pain center if you get the energy to try another doctor.

I am going to assume you tried ibuprofen? 1,000 mg? Even better probably 600mg and Tylenol together.

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Not really familiar with Vicodin. Pretty much all the narcotic/ opioid meds are habit forming, some worse than others. I’ve been on the same one for about 4 years and works OK most of the time, winters it doesn’t keep up as well but I don’t want to go up in dose so I just deal. Prescribed by our family practice doc and he told me the next jump in dose would be a different class- methadone. That scared the lint out of my bellybutton right there and told him no thanks, the shit I use is bad enough.
The ortho I visited with told me I’m on the best course for my problem. It’s not bad enough to do a procedure. From his own mouth: almost all back procedures don’t come with a happy ending. So try not to go there if at all possible.

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