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Who is going down in Anonymous Vs. Facebook?

Asked by atlantis (1851points) August 9th, 2011

Is this going to be a no show on Anonymous’ part? Why advertise two months in advance? Isn’t that giving away their element of surprise? The singular most effective war tactic?

Most importantly, who are you rooting for?

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The 5th of November – Guy Fawkes Night – is somewhat symbolic for that lot. Can’t really say anything about the timing—maybe they like the challenge?
I find myself favoring Anonymous, in the role of the gritty anti-hero of a vigilante. The vigilante archetype has always appealed to me.

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@atlantis Can you give us a link?

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I don’t think Anonymous can do it. The Facebook Gods will find a way. Me, I’m definitely rooting for Facebook. I enjoy the time I spend there. If people have issues with privacy on Facebook here are a few simples suggestions:

1. Don’t. Join. Facebook.

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Do not underestimate anon.

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Well, they failed in their assault on Amazon, so I don’t expect much better this time…

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Also, I think by announcing it and telling everyone the exact date they’ve sort of killed the element of surprise. Now FB knows they’re coming and have probably taken many measures.

Unless the announcement is a decoy and they will attack much before/after and catch them off guard!

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So, unless I’m missing something, facebook has exactly one source of gathering your “personal” information.


So who’s to blame if they have too much information on you?

I’m good with being responsible for my own actions and really don’t need a secret hacker crew to back me up against anyone. Thanks for the thought anonymous, have fun storming the castle.

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Facebook must be destroyed. Go Anon!

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That’s the thing about Anon, you’ll never know how much backing a claim has. It could be a single person trying to stir things up, or an actual group with plans to go through with.
As far as what Anon is capable of, being that Anon could be almost every person online, with enough organized numbers, Anon can do anything. I’m rooting for them, because they are both the underdog, and the majority. They have none of the power, and all of the power.

As @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard said, “Do not underestimate Anon.”

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I have respect for builders and creators, not breakers. I don’t care for FB either but I really dislike the hacking mentality.
It takes intelligence, perseverance, creativity to build something. A jackass excels at breaking things.
If you don’t like FB, cancel your account.
I figure Anon is a bunch of girlfrendless twenty somethings at the other end of the autism spectrum. Guys, If you can’t do something productive go back to WOW or your porn.

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What I don’t get is, if you dislike facebook, just don’t use it. What is the point of hoping for it to be destroyed? Do you realize it employs people probably pays taxes. Just stop using it..

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@worriedguy What if you build something for the purpose of destroying other people and/or their stuff?
And you can’t cancel a Facebook account. You can only try to remove your pics and info, but there is no “delete” button. It was your own fault for using it in the first place, but you’re stuck with it once you’ve got it.

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I have yet to see Anonymous actually raze something to the ground and follow up with a good earth-salting. Facebook won’t be going anywhere.

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@Prosb you should know enough before you provide any online/internet site your information. You can’t complain about it now just because it can’t be removed.

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@sarahhhhh If you had bothered to read my last post, you’d have seen I already mentioned it being your own fault for using Facebook in the first place. Please don’t respond to me with nothing in your post but what was already said in mine, thanks.
(That thanks was not sarcastic by the way.)

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@Prosb I’m responding to your last post where you say you are “stuck with it.” I was meaning to imply that you wouldn’t feel stuck if you had been careful with something like this.

You’re welcome.

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I’m reminded of a Friedrich Nietzsche quote: “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.”
I’m not backing either horse here, I just hope that whatever goes down is not overly messy.

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@sarahhhhh I was saying that you pointing out that you should have been more careful is synonymous with, “It was your own fault for using it in the first place”. It sounds like a broken record if you say things with the same meaning multiple times. Like two parents saying the same thing, but feeling like repeating themselves is helping.
Ex: You should have been more careful!
Think before you do something!
Why did you do that?
What were you thinking?
It doesn’t give more meaning to it, and if you had said it in general I wouldn’t have cared, but you directed it at me, when I had already addressed the point you were making.

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So what do they plan to do? Do they want to destroy all facebook information? Facebook must have all kinds of backups including one that is off the grid. I’m sure traffic on the internet can be shut down when it appears some kind of attack is going on. But I just don’t see how they could kill off Facebook, or even destroy any information permanently, unless they were big enough (like the size of the Chinese hacking corps), and if they have insiders playing with them.

So if they can’t destroy Facebook, then what is left? A denial of service attack? How long would that last? How effective could it be? These big companies have faced so many of these they could probably fend them off while reading the paper on the john.

It seems to me that it is very unlikely there is anything Anonymous can do physically or in terms of service. Even if they had an EMP weapon, they’d have to identify Facebook servers all over the world, and run simultaneous attacks on all of them.

And then there’s the “advantage of surprise” argument others have mentioned.

Seems like this is more of a publicity stunt than anything else. Like a movie plot. Who is anonymous?

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The reason I pointed it at you was because you justified your argument of bringing down the site with: “It was your own fault for using it in the first place, but you’re stuck with it once you’ve got it.”

Regardless of whether you have already said what I repeated later, you were trying to justify your argument with the later part of the quoted sentence. I simply replied to your argument.

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Bringing down which site? Facebook? I never brought it down.
I said if you tried to remove your account, you can’t delete it, and if you don’t want one anymore, it was your own fault for using it in the first place.
What part of that was bringing it down? Also, what “argument” was I justifying with saying it was a person’s own fault for using Facebook?

(Side Note: I just looked at your pic more closely. That car is awesome! Is it yours?)

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@worriedguy Guys, If you can’t do something productive go back to WOW or your porn.

I would consider their actions against the Scientology cult to be very productive.

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