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What are the unwritten rules of Facebook?

Asked by harple (10448points) October 4th, 2011

Do you have your own set of rules for what you write on your facebook updates? Do you only put on your happy news and leave off your bad? Do you tell the truth?

Do you comment on a friend’s status update if you don’t agree with what they’ve put, or do you remain tacet? Do you avoid conflict on there because you’re not anonymous on there?...

This question is inspired by a few experiences lately, both of my own and of a friend’s, where putting up a less positive status update has led to recriminations behind the scenes.

Should we be able to say how we are truly feeling on facebook?

What are the unwritten rules of facebook????

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I don’t argue with close friends on FB, only in PMs.

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Don’t tell your boss off where everyone can see.

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Don’t put pictures of last weekend beer bash on FB.

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Don’t let people tag me in anything.

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Don’t criticize anyone specific, just politicians.

Don’t complain about work or significant others.

Be aware it is like going on national television with everyone watching. Keep things private by not posting.

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Apparently, there is a BIGGGGGG difference between “unfriending” and “blocking”. I wish someone would explain it to me though. If someone unfriends me, why am I so much worse if I block them after they unfriend me?

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My unwritten rule is that I always make sure I have clean underwear on before I go on FaceBook and I don’t take it off.

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Never Facebook drunk!

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@erichw1504 ; that would be FUI. Seeing someone else do it is often entertaining though.

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There was a time when facebook didn’t suck.

A time when it wasn’t bogged down with ridiculous games and spam, and populated by my grandparents, high school/middle school students, and aunt’s uncles and co workers.

Back when it was only college students, and you could post whatever pictures or posts you wanted.

Facebook has become myspace, it’s just that no one has caught on yet.

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@tedd I agree, to some extent.

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I do not use it but I’d start with ” Thou shall not post anything that can relate to you”.

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I try not to post anything negative or banal on Facebook because I know that nobody gives a shit.

I don’t play the stupid games or tag people in those dumb “LOL FACEBOK REPORT CARD LOL WUT GRADE DID U GET LOLOL” pictures because they are fucking stupid.

I always report spammers.

I don’t post or repost chain statuses of any nature. No, I don’t care if god doesn’t love me anymore because I won’t acknowledge him on facebook, no facebook isn’t going to cease being free if I don’t repost this, and no, the girl with bleeding eyes isn’t going to skullfuck me in my sleep for not reposting her story, and no, my fucking crush’s name won’t pop up if I repost this bullshit and hit F5.

I don’t post anything political. I automatically hide/untag myself from over simplified, blatantly biased political arguments that have been reduced to an often factually incorrect image macro. I don’t care, and I’m not going to shove that shit down your throat either.

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I have a Friends fb, a CoWorker fb and a Family fb. Friends fb is an anything goes, the co worker one is carefully minded, mainly to keep up now and then with far away peops but my Family fb is the wowza one. I really have to keep a lid on Family fb, flares and fires can get out of hand there.

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Don’t post anything that people might disagree with if you aren’t ok with them disagreeing. So for many, politics in general, any “look, this blog post talks about science proving that gays are bad/women suck/men are genetically programed to cheat”, religion, etc.

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@Neizvestnaya ; Amen! I closed my facebook account becase of family drama.

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Don’t use your real name. Don’t friend anyone that you don’t want to see your posts, including family and coworkers.

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I post next to nothing on mine. Very occasionally I’ll put up a shout-out to my local friends if I’m heading to town and feel like hanging out with someone.

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I generally keep health issues off FB, and health issues of my family and friends.
I don’t usually complain or put negativity, or arguments I have with people.
I don’t forward chain emails or “post this status for one hour” things. I can’t stand them.
I don’t play the games, like Farmville or Mafia Wars.
I don’t usually discuss politics.
I don’t post secretive things on my wall, like “what goes around comes around” kind of things.
I don’t write when I am going on vacation, because I don’t know who really has access to my posts, even though it’s “private” and so I don’t want to advertise that I’m not home for extended periods.
I also don’t have my full birthday, because it’s giving someone something they could use to steal my identity.

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@jca ; My daughter has a fake facebook birthday.

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No melodrama (“life is so painful”)
Nothing too personal (“I’m so in love with my boyfriend”)
No pictures where people I like look terrible
No kissing pictures
Some coupley pictures are ok but too many are tacky
Same goes for bathing suit pictures.

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I don’t talk about my meals no matter how delicious, creative or elaborate it is, I don’t share the minutae details of my kid’s exploits, and by God, I don’t share my mood swings, whether I’m drunk or sober, or who screwed me over last weekend.

My FB page is so whitewashed that I seem like a nun, and immediately delete or untag anything that tarnishes that lily-white image. You have to go onto my Info page to see my favorite books or music to get a very small idea of who I might be, and that’s about it. I have my students’ parents on my friend list because our community is so small, so that keeps me (coff, coff) “honest.”

I’ve wanted to deactivate my account, but I like being able to contact my friends in other states and being able to reach them, so it’s a trade off. I have Fluther for my real self, and that’s a fun paradox, really! :D

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I try to avoid it. Facebook is like a spider’s web that has trapped hundreds of millions of flies.

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I also don’t write about work, usually. I work for the government, and I have coworkers that will write that they’re not doing anything, which I think is very stupid. People see that, and get resentful. The one person in particular I can think of that writes that crap is doing it to brag to her friends, but it’s pretty stupid of her. Now with the economy, people are looking at government workers like we’re greedy do-nothings, and writing that she is doing nothing does not help public perception.

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Don’t be a pest.

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