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Have you ever held another person by the throat of a rumor?

Asked by GabrielsLamb (6176points) October 7th, 2011

Have you ever held another person by the throat of a rumor you heard because it made you feel better about yourself for doing it?

Did you bother to ask questions?

Were you 100% sure of your supposed proof or the credibility of the source and it’s own intentions for starting the rumor in the first place?

Was it made a “secret” on purpose so that the accused could never defend themselves?

Did you perpetuate it, add to it?

What did you get out of that?

Did you bother asking for both sides?

Did you stop to think at all, or just judge because you could?

Did you stop to question why the rumor was started and circulated in the first place?

Did it make you feel like a big person to have helped someone destroy a reputation for sick self gratifying satisfaction?

Do you like to run in cliques against one person?

Do you enjoy being a bully?

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No, I tend to take up for under dogs and people who are maligned. I hate gossips and bullshit artists and I don’t generally tend to run in highschool type organized cliques intent upon destroying one person for the sake of another.

I was always taught that there are two sides to every story and to believe half of what I see and none of what I hear because those things are generally true.

and when I hear a bullshit rumor, I am not fast to jump another persons sh*t because it brings me some twisted pleasure to use someone else’s misery to feel better about myself. and join in the feeding frenzy because I actually have a brain in my head and a heart that can still feel for other people. OF ALL RACES!

If there is a “secret” it is probably for a reason… How about to protect a liar?

Make sense?

No… I didn’t think it would.

I have both the back bone and the strength of my own convictions to take things with a grain of salt and not bandwaggon like a misinformed idiot. I ask questions before asking someone to march to a hanging. I don’t take pleasure in being judge jury and executioner. And I don’t assume everything I hear is the truth.

Usually it’s the one’s doing the accusing who are almost always guilty just ask every witch burned in Salem, every burned and later on canonized Saint, every woman made to brand a scarlet letter, and anyone ever falsely accused of anything for any one person, or groups sick self satisfaction and well fed ego trips.

People do things like this to others, because they are too afraid to stand out and ask questions and deal with people as individuals on a personal level based not on how someone says you should treat them, but by how they deal with you as an individual.

Anyone ever do it to you? How’d it make you feel? I don’t know the answer to that?

But I have a feeling that participating in it, probably somehow makes you feel better about you?

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No, absolutely not. I have many flaws but I am not a gossip, nor do I deal in rumors, innuendo, lies or half-truths.

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All that is too much trouble. I’m not saying I’m a good person, I’m just lazy.

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Never. Not in my nature.

Someone did punch me in the eye during my sophomore year in high school as I was walking out of a classroom. She heard a rumor that I had called her a bitch. If she would have asked me before she punched me if I had said what she heard, I could have told her it was true, but I wouldn’t have punched her. ;)

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No way. I’ve been on the receiving end of a couple of hurtful rumors (and one flat-out ridiculous one), and I’d never want to do that to another person.

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