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Online store that accepts PayPal?

Asked by livingchoice (553points) October 22nd, 2011

I am looking to buy a used oil furnace online. Besides eBay is there another site that accepts PayPal as a payment and has used furnaces for sale?

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Northern Tool+Equipment sells waste oil heaters and accepts Paypal.

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I believe amazon does.

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If you apply for a Debit Card from PayPal, it’s a Master Card and works just like a credit card. You actually get cash back each time you use it as a credit card. Since you can’t go over the amount you have in your account, there is no credit check and no hassle getting one.

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Paypal is accepted in about 190 countries and regions worldwide. There are plenty of online stores that sell used oil furnace and if you are from the United States you should not have problem using PayPal.

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@shirleylopez Yes I agree. Can you recommend one?

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