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Is wearing a message on the seat of your pants misleading?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) November 9th, 2011

I don’t know how many times I have heard women saying they don’t want men staring at their ass. Some of these same women wear shorts, sweats, etc, with phrases plastered on the butt like ”juicy”, “bouncy”, “tight”, “hot”, “bootylicious”, etc. Isn’t that misleading? If you don’t want anyone staring at your arse, but you deliberately place something there for people to read, notice, or see, does that make any sense? Would be like a woman that says don’t stare at my chest but attaches something to her top where her nipples would be making impossible to see without staring at her boobs.

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I think messages on the butt are really trashy.

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I expect that the women who make the complaints are not the ones wearing that type of clothing. Tackiness aside, if you wear a message on your clothing, then how can it be read without looking at it?

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I don’t think most of us mind that you look, it’s when you can’t break your stare long enough to look us in the eye or fail to notice anything other than our anatomy that it becomes a bother.
I, personally, wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of those pants.

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Yes, it is misleading if a woman declares that she does not want want anyone to stare at her tuchas then does everything she can to guide their eye there.

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I think it’s kind of slutty. It sickens me when I see teens and pre-teens with “PINK” or anything printed on their butts. It just feeds the pervs and gives then an excuse to stare at underage asses.

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It depends on the butt. Some of them should be fined for false advertising. I find it disturbing that young teen girls wear those pants.

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Those women/girls want you to look at their asses. Stare your ass off!!

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@Ayesha I feel guilty looking at the butts of women and girls young enough to be my children or grandchildren. I guess I need a lesson in guilt free voyeurism.

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@Ayesha Those women/girls want you to look at their asses. Then the feminist get pissed off, because these young women and tweens are reducing women to just a pair of boobs, ass, and long silky legs.

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