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Did you have any remarkable thing that happened to you at that second of a New Year's arrival and if not, is there something you fantasize happening at that moment?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25921points) December 27th, 2011

As asked. Thanks! : )

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Never. I guess it’d be cool to receive a phone call from my mom telling me she is going to wire 10,000 dollars to my bank account to wipe out all debt. That would be special.

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No… just boredom and I turned off the television and went back to sleep.

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I sat here once upon a time
and listened to this:
Kronos Quartet

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Nope. I was at a party a long time ago and hoped to be kissing a particular young lady, but alas, she was kissing someone else.

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I fantasize that all the women who broke up with me over the course of the years will phone me at midnight and tell me how wrong they were to have broken up with me…

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No, nothing yet. But I do fantasize bringing in a New Year by being a lottery winner. That would definetly set any New Year off on the right foot. :) ahhh! If only.

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Best New Years was taking my daughter to Nickelodeon Universe (amusement park) for their NYE bash. I might do that again this year.

My fantasy NYE is to be surrounded by people who love the heck out of me… oh wait, I have that with my kids. :)

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Last New Year’s Eve my bf proposed to me while we were at dinner with our parents so we all stayed together until Midnight in order to open champagne and toast away.

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The only notable thing I ever did at midnight on NYE was a few lines… You’re only 19 once.

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I once videoed the addition of a Leap Second. I had my radio set to WWV and had my “Atomic” clock running next to it. The two were perfectly in synch, matching minutes and seconds precisely until midnight. There was an announcement on the radio, a series of digital beep and boops, and then they were off by exactly one second. It took about 2 minutes before the “Atomic” clock resynched.
My fantasy? I’d like to be, or be with someone, enjoying a wonderful orgasm. Then we’d sleep until 9 or 10 AM.

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