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Where can I buy 100% cotton women's t-shirts with no lycra in them?

Asked by gailcalled (54614points) February 7th, 2012

The last t-shirts I bought from both Land’s End and LL Bean had so much lycra that I could not remove any stains, no matter how new. They are permanent, and as such, I can no longer wear the shirts. I have a collection of jelly, tea, spaghetti sauce and salad dressing blobs surrounded by fabric…not even good for dust cloths.

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I did a Google search using these terms: “100 cotton women t shirts”, and came up with this. Looks like quite a few places carry them. Good luck!

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I love my tshirts from the Gap. They have a line called my favorite T. The cotton is supercomfy, and the long sleeve tshirts, have very long sleeves, which I like. They also come in short sleeve of course. The short sleeve come v neck and crew. I usually pay $10—$12 for the shirts, the stores often run by two or more for a special price.

Also, Banana Republic used to have nice basic cotton t’s, I assume they still do. The Banana kept slightly better shape than the Gap ones. The Gap t’s are so soft they eventually look worn a little sooner than others, but they are so reasonable and so comfortable, and look good long enough that I am very loyal. I often sleep in the long sleeve t’s in the winter.

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Thanks, everyone. Some possibilities here.

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