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What does "Your mom's a wafflemaker" mean?

Asked by buckyboy28 (4948points) February 24th, 2012

I saw this shirt today at Building 19, which is a surplus store in New England. I was trying desperately to figure out what it meant. I googled it, but the answers all seemed wrong. It’s a Nike shirt, so it must have some sort of meaning.
Can anyone enlighten me?

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Could it be that the person wearing the shirt is insinuating that the person reading the shirt waffles. I was thinking of the “to flip flop on decisions” definition.

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You know about MILFs, right?
This shirt is saying your mom has really buff abs, aka she’s hot.

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In addition to the completely accurate assessment by @filmfann, there is an alternative yet complementary definition explained “here”“

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It is a Nike shirt. Nike founder Bill Bowerman used Barbara Bowerman’s waffle iron to mold his first running shoe’s soles. Nike’s soles look like waffle iron imprints.

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Hey, Filmfann! Yer momma looks like a waffle! Heh!

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@bkcunningham – that is the first thing I thought of also and I like it!!! Nike is talking to their shoes.

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Lol I just knew this would be something dirty.

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(I am crafting myself one of these next week. No one here will know what it means and it will be my little joke.) Evil Laugh

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