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Those of you who find tattoos sexy on others: why?

Asked by deni (23052points) March 6th, 2012

I do, but I can’t really figure out or articulate why it is that seeing tattoos on a dude makes me want to bone him immediately.

PS: I know a lot of people hate tattoos, which is why I specified in the title of the question that this is directed at those who don’t so please don’t answer if you’re just going to say “I DON’T, BLAR BLAR, THEY LOOK TRASHY”...Not talkin to you! Not trying to sound rude, but I know people can feel quite strongly about this topic so I’m just taking preventative measures.

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I don’t really know. I’m initially attracted by what the person decided to get a tattoo of, and then hear the story or meaning behind it if I can. I don’t find it particularly sexy, but I certainly don’t mind it either.
Tattoos can be kind of like a mark of life and experience, whether the person regrets getting them, or totally knew what they wanted. There’s always something to say. Who knows where all that can lead to, if shared and pursued lol.

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Sometimes certain women with tattoos possess an aura of being uninhibited. Sometimes that translates to sexiness.

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That’s not all I’m into, as I’m attracted to a lot of different things. I like some women with tattoos because they usually might have an intellectual, artsy side of them lol. Plus, it just looks cool.

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I really have no idea, but I love tattooed chicks. If the tattoos are original and interesting.

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I find them sexy because they make the person more intriguing and the more intrigued by a person I am the sexier they tend to be to me. And I love me some art, and art + hot bod = extra yummy. Its like adding frosting and sprinkles to a plain donut.

I like the stories and thought processes behind them. I like that they care about something so strongly or certain things have impacted them so much that they’ll display that on their body for life. It shows dedication, and a sense of honesty about the kind of person they are.

I’ve been slowly working out a few more pieces to get done this year, I’m excited.

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Honestly I’m not really sure I could say. I guess maybe it’s because a good tattoo is a visual extension of a person’s character. I might not know what it means to them, but I can recognize something interesting or beautiful. It hints at a personality that might be worth discovering.

Personally, I think Mark Lanegan’s hand tattoos are crazy-sexy.

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I like art, and I think a sexy body used as a canvas for sexy art just makes a person’s sexiness increase exponentially. That being said, there are a couple body parts I’m not a huge fan of seeing tattoos on, but that is just preference. That being said, people who get the same unoriginal, typical tattoos as everybody else are like seeing a print of an artwork. I’ve seen it before, and it doesn’t give the same feeling of magnificence.

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@fundevogel I really dig hand tattoos as well. Come to think of it, I have always been an arm gal, so maybe sexy arms PLUS the added interestingness of tattoos = zingggg.

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@deni It’s not that I’m into hand tattoos. I actually think they’re really hard to pull off. What I like is tattoos that peek and the first time I saw Lanegan he was a guest vocalist at a show. Appeared without a word or introduction with just his tattoos peeking past his long sleeves, nailed “Would?” and disappeared like a ghost.

I kinda love tattoos you just barely see, peeking out around the edge of clothing. I guess it’s sort of like the old thing about women being sexier when they don’t show it all.

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Simple expression of body art, when done properly! Its also an identity stamp for some people. I love tattoo’s and have 2 myself. One on my foot and a ‘tramp stamp’ (as they refer to it here) but I love it…..a combination of all my children’s names!

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It depends on the tattoo and whether it’s actually a piece of art, which I find sexy, or just a statement (like “MUFC* Forever”) which I don’t. I find it very interesting to see what images people choose as a tattoo, it can say a lot about them psychologically.

* Manchester United Football Club

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I do not fit the the profile for this question so feel free to skip my answer. But you asked “Why?” so….

Do you think this is an evolutionary holdover from prehistory when the Alpha male (“the bad boy”) afforded women the best chance of survival? As a side note the Alpha might also be the type most likely to take what they want, abuse, and move on.
If the tattoo looked exactly the same would you still want to “bone” the guy if you found out it was actually a water transfer apply? What about a 2 day temporary henna?

It seems that visible and hand tattoos might be career limiting moves. Maybe in today’s society, where the woman can be the provider, that is not a problem. Interesting question.

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If you saw two pictures of a the same guy but one had a picture of a tattoo photoshopped on, would that be just as sexy? Just wondering.

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Strangely, and I can’t tell you why, I find tattoos really sexy on women but I don’t care for them so much on men.

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@LuckyGuy That is an interesting question. I guess it probably depends on the guy, but usually, and if the tattoos aren’t too excessive or shitty, I’d probably like him with tattoos more.

And I don’t think I would “bone” (lol) him so soon that I didn’t know it was a henna tattoo. Yeah, I pass on hennas lol.

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I think tattoos are sexy, although I’ve never been with a woman who had tattoos. I don’t have any, myself.

Tattoos make me look. They give me permission to violate the rules against not looking. The fact that you have a tattoo says you want people to look. If your tattoo goes inside your clothing, it is intriguing. What happens beneath your clothing. Oh I wish I could see.

So tattoos are an invitation to look at your flesh and while it is to do so ostensibly in admiration and aesthetic appreciation, they also carry an overt hint about the flesh and looking at the flesh and allowing your desire for flesh to grow.

When I look at a tattoo on a woman, it makes me want to see more. It makes me want to know more. It makes me curious about the woman. It intrigues me. That’s what sexiness is about: mystery and bodies and nudity.

I wonder what women would think if they knew all that was contained in my gaze? I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, but I figure if you’re inked up, you’re asking me to look. You can not put ink on you without thinking about how others will see it.

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That’s not a blanket statement for me. Some people I like tattoos on, and others I don’t. Depends on the person, placement, content, etc. I don’t like tattoos for the sake of getting them. I like them more when they have a personal meaning behind them, not the “I just wanted to get one” reason.

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Some tattoos are beautiful and original. The artwork itself is what makes a tattoo sexy to me, because it gets me wondering about the right person. Like, “what’s the story behind that?” Cliched tattoos aren’t sexy to me, because the thought process behind it is obvious. But striking and unusual tattoo makes me think the person has a creative or artistic side, and that can be intriguing.

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