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Do you know where to buy sporks?

Asked by theredjawa (480points) May 24th, 2008

You know those half spoon – half fork utensils they give you at fast food restaraunts? Can you buy those in regular stores?

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Just walk into a Taco Bell and grab a handful.

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Why do you want sporks? How many do you want?

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For lunches and stuff. Like a whole a box.

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I love sporks, they are the only way to eat many half-chunky/half-sloppy things. I found this on Google Shopping.

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Cool. I’ll check it out.

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This might work for you too.

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You could get a metal one. Don’t contribute to more plastic waste in our landfils. I also like Johnpowell’s because it’s a knife as well! Just promise to wash and re-use.
BTW, while searching for that link I stumbled upon what appears to be an entire spork subculture. Scarry!

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Try Smart & Final.

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