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What should I pack for my husband's lunch tomorrow?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) January 22nd, 2014

No… really.

It’s not as fluffy a question as it appears. My husband is trying to break a longstanding bad habit of buying lunch at work every day, and has asked me to pack him lunches.

I’m not talking sandwiches, either. Usually I have no issues with leftovers, but the bastard went and ate the last of the leftovers for dinner. He likes something a bit more substantial than a sandwich for lunch… at least during his workday.

I am, however, exhausted, and not much in the mood to make a meal. What can I grab at the store that is quick, hearty, and requires no more than a microwave?

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Pizza bagels. A bagel, split, pizza sauce, and cheese. It’d be better toasted than microwaved, but I might try it in a microwave. Add from there.

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An orange and a three juice boxes. With left over KFC. My grandpa ate KFC cold the day after even with access to a microwave. Or a half of a whole chicken cooked in the store.

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@Adirondackwannabe: oddly enough, I have been making them for myself lately with Thomas’s bagel thins… and the thought had crossed my mind. I just didn’t think it’d be any good microwaved.

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@poofandmook Maybe toast the bagel at home first? Then let him microwave it if that’s all he has?

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Maybe soup and sandwich? The Healthy Choice brand microwavable soup is pretty good. It’s usually lower sodium than the other canned soups, without losing any flavor. Throw in some chips and salsa, a piece of fruit or some veggies and some cookies or small sweet treat.

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Perhaps there’s still time to whip up a nice Velveeta and Spam aspic, @poofandmook??

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Some of those frozen ‘meal-in-a-bag’ things are really pretty good. Stouffer’s or Viola! Freezer to plate in 10 minutes. I keep one onhand for just this kind of ‘emergency’.

The bagel pizza might work if you toast the bagel first and then melt cheese on it. Otherwise, the tomato sauce will just sog the bread.

Little Debbie oat and honey granola bars (now, Sunbelt or something similar) are a great sweet treat – not as bad for you as a candy bar and more filling.

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@talljasperman one better: ½ a rotisserie chicken from the grocery.

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^^ Ooh, I was just gonna suggest that. Those cooked rotisserie chickens are great.

You can slice it and make a killer chicken sandwich with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoe.

Shred it with mayo and spices and make a chicken salad.

Shred it and toss into a pot of chicken stock (also from the grocery) with some chopped carrots and celery for chicken soup.

I love those things.

And how about a note detailing what he’ll get for “dessert” when he gets home?.

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I’m not sure of this fits your qualifications, since it’s not clear if he doesn’t want non-homemade lunches, or if he wants to avoid the hassle of ordering in everyday. I get sick of sandwiches at work too, and in the winter I want a hot meal, but I don’t always cook meals with leftovers to use all week.

I’ve been going on Sunday night and treating myself to Chinese food for dinner. I spend no more than $20.00 on two entrees, have enough for dinner that night, and about four more lunches of leftovers for the week (Friday is a “do whatever“day). After dinner Sunday night I pack up the remaining four meals in individual containers, and then each morning simply grab out the next one to put in my lunch bag. Virtually no work in the mornings (and I’m not a morning person), easy to reheat at work, and I get to have Chinese food 4 out of the 5 work days without waiting for delivery or shelling out any more money.

Every week I switch out my entrees (if I choose to) so that I never get bored…

Oh, sorry…this doesn’t help you too much tonight, but maybe for the future…

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@yankeetooter: it doesn’t matter if it’s not homemade… he just prefers something other than a sandwich or salad. It’s just that getting takeout sort of negates him not buying lunch during the week.

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however, those skillet meals that come in a bag in the freezer and you just heat them are about $10 and the same price as an entree at the Chinese place… sooooo…

Ugh I’m so tired I can’t think. I’m considering making tuna and sending it with a couple of slider rolls and telling him “tough titties” lol

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How about a wrap melt? That might work in the microwave. Hey a tuna melt, with onion.

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I never knew miniature tuna sandwiches were called “tough titties”. Hmmm.

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How about a chicken philly cheese steak wrap, regular cheese steak, or anything along those lines?

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Hmm.. cheesesteaks don’t count as sandwiches.

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Where have you been, @cookieman?? Sheesh!

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Those skillet meals are all under $10 where I am, @poofandmook.

Alternately, if you’re that tired, leave him a $10 on the counter with the admonition, “No guilt. Treat yourself to takeout!

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@ibstubro: Learn something new everyday.

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Slice a ham steak, top with cheese, lettuce or spinach, some cubed (fresh) pineapple, and a handfull of almonds. Add a baggie of multi-grain crackers.

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Michelina spicy chicken alfredo.

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What about one of those pre-cooked chickens, just give him a piece of it a day until gone, I would then put as a side some frozen peas and corn with a pat of butter on top. When he heats it up the butter will melt onto the peas and corn. If he needs a potato as well, then I would throw one into the microwave for 2–3 minutes tonight to cook it and put a pat of butter in it in the morning so when he heats it with the rest of his lunch it will melt into the potato. Its a pretty simple meal and was a go to meal I would always make for work, for me the whole chicken could go the whole week of lunches.

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Get a $5 rotisserie chicken and cut it into 4 pieces – 4 meals. Freeze two of them so he can have them a week or two from now. Use the other two to cover his meal for Monday and Thursday. Throw in some veggies every day. And, (only if you can both avoid the temptation of an open bag in the house) put in a piece of chocolate for a surprise dessert . , e.g. Hershey’s kisses, Andes Mints, nuts, etc. That simple meal will save quite a bit of money every week.

I see that @creative1 suggested the chicken too.

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I always keep a ham steak in the fridge, too, @YARNLADY for emergency meals. Most any side works with them, and a couple minutes in a skillet gives them great flavor.

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@LuckyGuy @creative1 was actually #4 with the rotisserie chicken idea. Great minds.

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Has he been a “dick” lately? If so, give him a package of ramen noodles but no bowl to put it in.

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Is anyone else shocked that there’s a man who doesn’t want sandwiches?

I make my husband an egg sandwich for breakfast, send him to work with two sandwiches, and he comes home and makes a sandwich as a snack before dinner. Sandwiches.

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^^ Awww. The poor baby. He wants homecooked food. He either isn’t comfortable asking you to do that, or he’s cheating with a diner.

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Oh, no, the sandwiches are made of handmade bread (Bread machine? Pfft.) and are in addition to all home cooked meals. I do one hot meal a day now because of my food budget, but I am a hell of a cook. The man just really loves sandwiches.

Also, he works construction, so it’s not like there’s a place to cook a Viola! meal.

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I do not know how my household could be farther from Mexican food, but that’s about all we eat out, and there’s nothing like sandwiches.

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm egg sandwiches!

I have to make my own when I want one

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