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Puppy obsessed with hands?

Asked by Nanax10 (40points) April 7th, 2012

I have a 10 month old lab/mastiff puppy who drives me crazy poking at my hands with his wet,cold nose. His eyesight appears to be good, he isn’t mouthing, just prodding constantly with his nose. I don’t regularly use hand cream, or any other scented hand products; he just seems obsessed with poking at hands. What’s up with this guy? He seems otherwise normal.

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He wants you to pet him and give him love. Nosing hands is dog speak for ” gimme attention and lovies! My cats do the same thing, they will bite my hands when they want to be petted. Your puppy knows that your hands mean feel good touch.

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Yep. I agree with @Coloma. My Sheltie pokes my hand for love and my rear or my legs for attention, food, a walk, treats, what have you. Your dog is using behavior to communicate with you.

With animals, behavior is communication.

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Thanks, you guys, you are right ON! I was overthinking his behavior; looking for some obscure reason, and it was right in front of me all along. All I was being is annoyed by 80-pound puppy pokes!

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Yes, behavior is communication with animals.
My gander just poked his head up my skirt and goosed me, he’s communicating he’d like to make eggs with me on this fine spring day. lol

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Your puppy is trying to gain your attention and wants something. We have had many puppies and this is always their means of communicating with you. Next time. let your puppy tell you what he wants. Not talking, but by his actions. He may want you to pat him or he may be out of food and water. Keep an eye on him. He wants something.

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My roommate’s dog is like this. Whenever you try to pet her on the head she tilts her nose up to try to lick/sniff your hand instead. I think it may partly be because my roommate trained her with treats and she is expecting there to be a treat in your hand.

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For that breed of dog, hes still very much a child, no matter his size. The larger breeds take a full two years to reach adulthood.

So, hes basically still like a human child who wants attention. Attention equals love to him.

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He is submitting to you, longing for your affection. There is nothing abnormal about this phenomena. Embrace the beauty of this creatures interaction upon you. The potential of connection between you two is one of the most unique partnerships between two different species.

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Hands pet you.

Hands can smell really good. like a steak. They want to know what you’ve been up to.

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I like how @jazmina88 is speaking from the dogs perspective :D

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Funny thing, birds use their beaks like a hand to help them get around, eat, scratch, and so what. Cats don’t do this. Dogs use their mouth the same way birds do, I believe it was bred into them. They use their mouth to hold, move, pull, eat, drink, and play. They use their snout (nose) to push and touch communicate. I’ve always felt a little at ease when a dog learns to use his snout properly, a neighbor on the block when I was young had a blind dog and by using his snout I swear he could maneuver better than us light seeyers. He would sniff and then wave his snout around to see if he can feel something (like a wall or corner).

…not to be rude but it looked like he was dancing when he would use his paws to look for a step :P

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