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When you take a shower, do you face into, or away from, the shower head?

Asked by pixiequeen12 (137points) May 29th, 2008
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I probably do a bit of both. When I need to get all the shampoo out of my hair I do a 360 one or two times resulting in a 720.

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Hmmm I would say that it’s 50/50 I kind of go back and forth. I don’t like the water hitting my face directly, but I like to face standing the water.

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I face it when I’m lathering, but I spin around for the rinse.

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I am opposite of Eambos. I get wet, then face away for the lathering, then turn back for the rinse! What an interesting question.

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I always face away from the shower head.

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Ung… just woke up after celebrating the migration. We’ll fix that as soon as we really wake up. Sorry about that folks.

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Hmm. I actually face the wall so that the water hits my right side, then make numerous turns to rinse. I shave in the shower and my mirror is on that wall…then again, I also watch myself in that mirror while I shampoo and condition.
Perhaps I’m a vain maniac.

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I face away unless I’m rinsing. I love the water hitting my back! ; )

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The only time I don’t face it is when I’m rinsing the shampoo or conditioner out of my hair.

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ditto that bmhit1991

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Away for the most part. Forward, face-down when rinsing shampoo out, which I’ve been told is stupid.

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are scare of your shower?

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No, the hot water feels good on my tired, aching back. :|

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I always face the other way

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I don’t have a shower. But when I had one I would spend 90%+ of the time facing away. Now excuse me while I go “Office Space” on my damn bathtub.

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Allie—i do the same as you!

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@Andrew, you really are out of it, jefe. Mix in some centaurs during last nite’s server migration? I think you meant to answer this question, or perhaps this one. Right?

Or perhaps you simply showered facing the wrong direction today?

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haha, robmandu! don’t exacerbate the confusion stemming from @Andrew’s inability to focus by not answering the question yourself! now you have me intrigued…

(I’m vaguely under the impression that people’s approaches to showering (ie—face the downpour head-on, or turn away) has a lot to do with people’s personalities. What do you all think of that? Do your showering habits say something about you?—Apart from a commentary on your general cleanliness, that is.)

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huh?...bathroom psychology.. I’m in

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We just remodeled our bathroom, so the shower has two shower heads, if you stand in the middle of the tub; you get accosted by H²O from both sides. There is no escape!

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Away when washing my hair, but towards it when I’m washing my body.

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shockvalue! that’s amazing! i’m sooo jealous!

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Haha, yepp! Only problem is we have a water shortage, so recently I have been shutting off the second nozzle. It’s not as fun, but I’m willing to suffer so the planet doesn’t have to!

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I face into the shower for that good old downunder tickling sensation… actually I like the water on my face, I heard somewhere that men face into the shower and women face away, it wouldn’t seem like that’s the case here though.

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I pretty much always face into the shower. Except for when I finish the shampoo, at which point I face sideways-outwards from the shower and attempt to throw the container over the shower and into the rubbish bin across the bathroom!

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I have a rainfall type shower head, so I’m only facing it if I look directy up.

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I face the shower the whole time, it washes the soap off better.

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Depends on where the soap is…

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My shower head is a hand held, so I face it and turn it onto my back.

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50/50. i like it in my face and on the back of my neck. i am upset when a hotel does not have adjustable settings.

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I hate water in my face. I get wet, lather and turn away, rinse from both sides and then condition, turn away to wash while the conditioner does it’s conditioning, then rinse from both sides. I like the water on my back as well…

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