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If a computer program is older than the OS you're running, will it still work?

Asked by jlelandg (3536points) May 29th, 2008

I want to play the game Waterloo but it runs with Windows 2000 and below. I run XP and will probably switch to Vista before long…

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I’ve played games on XP that were for Windows 2000 or below and they ran fine. It all depends on the game too.

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Usually, yes – although I’ve had a few problems trying to play Riven on XP SP2 and on OSX Tiger/Leopard as well.

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Yea as long as you run in Compatibility mode. Just right-click the shortcut that leads to the game—Properties—Compatibility tab then choose to run it in compatibility mode.

Also check the games site for any patches.

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XP is a 2000-based OS, so it should work there for sure.

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Yes, some tweaking may be involved. As bad a Microsoft is they do a lot to ensure backward compatibility to a degree.

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