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Found yourself judging someone by lurve?

Asked by Notreallyhere (728points) May 29th, 2008 from iPhone

Just curious

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nope. i don’t really notice people’s fluther score at all. i usually don’t even see the name of the person i am talking to, unless i need to mention the name in my answer for some reason.

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definitely not. noone’s going to be an expert on everything.

people with high lurve just frequent this site alot more often, or usually have a good way of saying what alot of other people are thinking.

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In the beginning I tended to believe that people with high scores were brilliant and knew all the answers. After being here awhile and seeing how points are sometimes awarded, that’s no longer the case. While some are awarded points genuinely, there have been times when I realize that lurve is not always necessarily indicative of a person’s level of positive contributions.

For example, sometimes the responses can stray far from the topic, and turn into harmless joking, and based on who likes or appreciates the jokes, points will be awarded, although they have nothing to do with the topic at hand. I’m of the opinion that in this way, the meaning of lurve becomes diluted.

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so…if I make you smile would you give me points(not that I’m asking for it)?

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fluther is like golf. just drink and hit the ball into the woods.

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you are right, the more I drink the better I fluther

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I think that most of the people with higher lurve tend to have a good sense of humor, it makes fluther a better place, who wants to be serious 24/7?

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nope I judge on pictures, who’s dedicated enough to not have a jelly fish

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@Notreallyhere I would probably not give you lurve if it has nothing to do with the topic. But over time you would earn a special place in that little Fluther corner of my heart.

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aww…who needs points with an answer like that one…looking foward to that.

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It can be a helpful way to sniff out our troll friend as well as other hooligans.

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kevbo~ yeah i dont think zack would get very high in the lurve points

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i don’t judge, but i do get really jealous of people…

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@cheeb, i think he was psyla, who had 699 or so. Plus, he has incubated usernames over a period of time so when they appear they have 16 or 17 stars.

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You really think psyla=zack?? that seems unlikely to me.

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Check his profile and read some of his threads and tell me what you think.

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I don’t think so, because zack can never stop himself from posting (for lack of a better word) shyte that gets moderated, for very long, but psyla can/could – s/he would go a bit off the wall at times, but didn’t have that many removed by… comments.

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I got suspicious when they started talking to each other on a recent thread in a fairly hand in glove manner, plus the “out there-ness” sounded similar, but you’re right that the longevity of that profile is exceptional.

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I’ve seen it happen before in other forums, dual (in this case multiple) identities. I think they managed to pull it off for some time, as well. It does show an ability to get along and play nicely with others, but an intentional unwillingness to do so at times.

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psyla is not zack, psyla has problems with rabbits in the garden and zack was freakishly in love with panic at the disco ( I think he must be deaf).

Besides psyla knows whats up with the squirrels! All the totally awesome people know about the squirrels!

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In short, psyla’s entertaining. Zack is not.

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