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Can you caption this? [See details].

Asked by ETpro (34428points) July 14th, 2012

This little Pomeranian is getting a rude notice of who the alpha predator on his block is. What would you caption the photo?

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Hey, no below the belt hits!!!!!

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Who you callin’ “Pussy”???

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“I’ll show you who calls the shots you pathetic canine!”

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“I can take ya! I can take ya!”

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“Maybe if I look afraid, he won’t hurt me.

Nope… nope, OH MY FREAKIN’ GOD!!!”

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My food bowl is off limits !

Got it now?

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“Come here… give us a kiss”

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“STFU – I’m trying to nap!”

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Cat Shoryuken; it’s real, mofo.

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“Take THAT bitch!!!!”

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‘Us Southpaws are so sneaky, but powerful! Wimp!’

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“Who the fuck put Donald Trump’s hair on my fucking lawn?”
“Get outta here, you raggedy arsed piece of shit!”

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@ucme LOL did I ever laugh. XD

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“Holy fuck, ninja cats are REAL!”

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@blueiiznh You noticed there are two punches being landed there.

@filmfann Good one.

@ZEPHYRA Looks like the cat’s doing just that, too.

@marinelife Yep. That’s how it looked to me.

@Keep_on_running Yeah, not working.

@Buttonstc Ha! Great one.

@pezz I think it’s going to ab awhile before those two kiss and make up.

@hearkat Never wake a kitty from a cat-nap.

@gondwanalon Ha! Perfect.

@SomeoneElse You got right into that one. :-)

@ucme Ha. Gotta agree with @Symbeline. Terrific one.

@WillWorkForChocolate Excellent. LOL.

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@Symbeline Then my work here is done :¬)
@ETpro It’s a gift, I know.

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