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Is there going to be social unrest if Obama fails to get elected?

Asked by rojo (22066points) November 1st, 2012

I tuned into conservative talk radio this morning (I do this if I am feeling particularly upbeat and need to knocked down a peg or two) and learned that there is a rumor going around that if Obama fails to get a second term there is going to be widespread rioting, looting and mayhem.
The lady that called in about this sounded like she was in tears and only moments away from a complete breakdown. She wanted reassurance that the National Guard and Army were on alert to jump in and protect the citizenry when this happened.
The talk show host (Buster something I believe) told her that although he too had heard that this would happen that he believed that it was all only a part of your “typical liberal scheme” to intimidate people. He said it was a common liberal practice to instill fear into the populace to get them to vote for who they thought should be in office.
Have you heard about the planned riots? Are you prepared either to participate or repel? Have you been instilling fear and terror into people? Is there a dress code or is it pillage as you are?

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Just in my house.

Also, conservative talk radio causes cancer in lab mice. Limit your intake.

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Indeed. I, as a card-carrying liberal atheist socialist, plan on roasting my firstborn son on a spit on the white-house lawn in sacrifice to the lords of destruction, then participating in a gay abortion orgy that will end with my marriage to a turtle.

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Have you heard about the planned riots? No

Are you prepared either to participate or repel? I shall not participate; I shall use garlic to repel.

Have you been instilling fear and terror into people? Certainly not about the election; but I’ve scared a few folks with some project deadlines recently.

Is there a dress code or is it pillage as you are? Clothing optional

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Dontcha just hate that democracy shit?

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Conservative BS at it’s finest.

Frankly I’d be far more worried about a conservative revolution if Obama wins re-election. How many militias sprung up the first time he won?

I doubt you see anything “real” or widespread either way though.

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@tedd I know the KKK gained about 6,000 members…

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This is the only thing that I know of and it will only occur if Obama is re-elected.

I particularly liked “We’re talking civil war….we’re talking Lexington and Concord…....”

Where does Texas rank on education again?

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If Obama is reelected, the rich will march down Wall Street with protest signs, wearing their mink coats.

Of course, lots of them will be driven in their limos.

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What a bunch of nonsense. Tea Partiers might make good on their threats to use second amendment ‘solutions’ if Obama wins, I suppose.

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What I think will happen when Obama is elected is that the radical right that has seized a hold of the Republican party will suddenly disintegrate, as the squashed and quieted “normal” Republicans find their balls.

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American’s are tough, no matter who wins, about ½ the people won’t be happy and about ½ will be happy, but no matter what, We’ll get through it.

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@rojo , as far as education goes in Texas… they are pushing creationism instead of science & the Texas drop-out rate is VERY high. There are some good schools in Texas, but all of the Texas schools are fighting with Gov. Perry for their funding.
The idea of ‘riots’ being planned is nonsense, just another right-wing conservative running off at the mouth (it makes one wonder just what these idiots use for brains?).
Did you read that the Mayor of NYC (Bloomberg) has endorsed Obama for President? I personally do not like Mayor Bloomberg (& his ‘stop & frisk’ policy) so this came as a real surprise to me – to me, it is the first sensible thing that he has done. Even Gov. Christie of NJ has had words of praise for Obama for Obama’s handling of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. Obama may not be the “perfect” President, but for me he is a lot less dangerous than Mitt Romney.

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I think Romney will win, and I don’t think anything unusual will happen.

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Sure, but we all know liberals don’t have guns, so I wouldn’t worry.

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This is silly scaremongering but I think whoever is elected should ensure they represent all the people of the country and not just those who voted him in. That would be divisive.

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Ill be finishing school a year and a half early if Romney wins so I can leave this sad excuse for a country. (and unlike so many others that say shit like this, I actually mean it)

This is reassuring though :)

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You guys are hilarious.

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I believe no matter who gets elected there will continue to be social unrest. People have somehow gotten the mistaken idea that if you want change you need to throw a few rocks a some policemen, burn up a few businesses, tear up a few public parks and all will be fixed.

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I just gave lurve to @DrBill, @Skaggfacemutt, @glacial and @YARNLADY , that should tell you where I stand.

My lament is the same as it always seems to be, are these 2 really the best the country has to offer, how could this be????

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But when you talk about destruction
Don’t you know that you can count me out
Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right

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@rooeytoo I remember hearing a quote a while back that was something along the lines of “Anyone who is smart enough to lead is also wise enough to know he doesn’t want to. So all we’re left with is those hungry for power.”

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But, @gondwanalon, when you want money for people with minds that hate…All I can tell is you have to wait.

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@bkcunningham Right on brother! I can dig it!

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@uberbatman – sadly (I think) that is probably true.

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Just so I’m clear, this Buster guy: he’s propogating a rumor about volatile rioting liberals and the terror they’ll unleash in their temper tantrum, because they’re an unstable and dangerous bunch, (more importantly, incapable of cooperation,) should Obama not win… and in doing so, he’s successfully bringing some people to hysterically call in begging for armed protection… because, says he, it’s “a common liberal practice to instill fear into the populace to get them to vote for who they thought should be in office” ... (did I get it? did I get it?)

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@DancingMind yep, you got it right! And you should hear what they are now saying about voter fraud and electronic voting machines. Its’ kind of like lets take whatever the liberals are saying and multiply it ten-fold and claim THEY are doing it.

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I find it ironic that the right, who has been using intimidation and fear tactics themselves (the key quote from this is “To vote for someone in favor of these positions means that you could be morally “complicit” with these choices which are intrinsically evil. This could put your own soul in jeopardy.”) are accusing this of the left.

Another example (key quote in this one: “Again, I am not telling you which party or which candidates to vote for or against, but I am saying that you need to think and pray very carefully about your vote, because a vote for a candidate who promotes actions or behaviors that are intrinsically evil and gravely sinful makes you morally complicit and places the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy.”).

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Probably more of a chance of rioting if Obama wins. You think this is more or less of a deal than the Bulls winning the championship?

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I’m not worried. Them vigilante racist, conservatives own all the guns and they’ll protect us from harm. Also, they’ll round up the illegals and ship them out to Mayheeco right quick. Then they pack up trunks full of greenbacks to carry off to the rich folks houses as a down payment on their tax cut. Then they’ll go and lock up all the pregnant wimmins, just to make sure they don’t go an abort themselves somehow.

Yep. And den they’ll round up all the poor folks—them being the ones who are all homeless now that all the social programs been cut. They’ll put them to work breaking rocks with their fingernails.

Yep. An all dat within the first 12 hours of Romney’s regime.

Nope. I ain’t got no fears. Dem conservatives gonna take care of everything.

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On twitter, there were floods of threats made against Romney and threats to riot.

Some samples,

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I’m going to fuck some shit up if Romney wins just like I did after Bush won in 2004. Wait, does my liver count?

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@emilianate Do you have trouble with social cues? Because it is perfectly obvious that that stuff is not meant to be taken seriously. You knew that, right?

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Are you sure you’re not having trouble with the English language?

A social cue is a non-verbal expression. Does it look like a list of people showing their facial expressions? I didn’t think so.

It also seems you’re ignorant of this country’s history of riots/ethnic riots.

Riots – 1
Riots – 2

There is also this A lot of these mobs were planned on twitter/facebook.

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Here is a real controversial comment for you – why is it that there are only riots after a black person is wronged. Examples: Martin Luther King’s assassination, the arrest of O.J. Simpson, the Rodney King case. This is the first time in history that violence has been threatened if a certain presidential candidate doesn’t get voted in. If Obama loses, and there are riots, what does that really show society? That black people are terrorists?

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Officially unfollowing this question…

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@Skaggfacemutt @emilianate Well thank god we won’t have to worry about it… since Obama is going to win the election.

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@uberbatman, can I come with?

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@tedd Actually I don’t much care which one wins. They are both politicians, right? Politicians do what is good for themselves and their supporters, and to heck with the country or the people.

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I’m afraid you are absolutely correct.

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