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What color is this character's eyes?

Asked by BBawlight (2400points) December 18th, 2012

His name is Akise Aru. I’m writing a fanfiction with him and need a better description than “wine-colored” as that’s how I’ve seen most writers describe his eyes. I want to be more original than that, but the description of “whine-colored” doesn’t quite fit what I see.

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“His eyes, the colour of [a young] pinot noir…”

See the colour chart about half way down the page here

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There’s also some great reds here

I would say his eyes are pale amaranth :-)

Edit – Looking again at the link, perhaps puce would be a more accurate colour choice, and would be more likely to help people imagine the colour if they can’t see the character in a drawing.

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@harple I’d say they’d be more of a Terra Cotta… They could also be puce. It depends on the lighting, so I can use both depending on where he’s at… Thanks!

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There’s always burnt umber.

I have no idea what color puce is. Nor amaranth. I find cutsey color names to be very off-putting. If there’s too much overwrought writing like that, I throw the reading material in the fire.

You do not want to be responsible for me throwing a computer in the fire. No you don’t!

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They look in the pinkish family to me. Garnet maybe, or ruby, or rose.

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Merlin Ruby (i made this up)

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Garnet, ruby, or rose.

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