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Breakup revenge?

Asked by kukuakukua (39points) December 26th, 2012

How do you deal with a break up? Especially when you don’t wish to remain friends with that person but they want to? When you go to school with him everyday and you just want to ignore him but make him feel the pain of losing a good woman at the same time?

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If you can, don’t waste your time wanting to get back at him. As long as you are thinking about him, you are the one suffering. Getting to a place of indifference and moving on in your life to enjoy yourself without him is how you get back.

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As long as you are thinking about him, he is living rent free in your head. If you don’t want to be friends, cut him loose and move on.

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Being okay without him is the best (and least infantile) revenge you can hope for.

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You really need to learn – and live! – the finest advice there is on this topic:

The best revenge is living well.

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I find the “revenge” voodoo doll a useful tool.

Voodoo doll

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How old are you?

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There is an old expression: “The best revenge is success.” It’s true.
Live your life well.

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Revenge is a waste of time and effort. It’s highly unlikely to be effective and it will drive you nuts.

Don’t make the effort – it isn’t worth it.

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Living well is the best revenge.

Be happy, achieve success, and have fun. Wear nice makeup, hair, and clothing and look pretty.

He’ll see you everyday at school. It’ll be obvious to him—and to everyone else—that you’re doing fine without him. He’ll realize that your well-being was never dependent on him. Heck, maybe his absence has even improved you!

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Ah yes, the ever popular revenge question…you aren’t the first to have posted such a question on the web – there are healthy smatterings of scorned young ladies just itching to get revenge on their ex. The truth is, your wasting your time thinking about it. Revenge is as bad as blame for achieving nothing in particular and keeping everything at a steady stalemate for as long as either exist. Leave such things behind and move forward.

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