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What's the difference between having a tattoo and not having a tattoo?

Asked by ninjacolin (14204points) December 27th, 2012

This may seem like an odd question… because it is.
Mostly directed at you tattooed jellyfishes. What do you think a year without your favorite tattoo would be like? What difference would it make in your life to not have the tattoo there?

Do you know someone, a close friend or family member or significant other with some crazy body art work? What would it be like if they didn’t have their tattoos? What difference do you imagine there would be in your relationship or in how you perceive them, if any?

What would life be like without the tats?

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Gosh thanks for reminding me. Mine is on my lower back I forget it is there.

I am not a ‘tattoo’ type. Yes there is a tattoo type. I got mine to shut my son up!!

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I would notice not having mine for any length if time. I hardly ever remember it’s there as it is.

I don’t think anyone’s tattoos affect my relationship with them. Not sure why it would.

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Life would be exactly the same except I wouldn’t have a bitchin octopus tattooed on my arm anymore and I imagine the number of people requesting to look at my forearm would drop significantly :P

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On the outside and most concrete level, I would feel less safe. Having prominent tattoos on my forearms tends to make normatively masculine straight guys think I am more masculine than I am.

I would miss my favorite one. It’s quite visible and it’s there as a reminder to me. But I’d have plenty of other reminders in my life if I didn’t have that one.

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I love tattoos, and this is making me really, really curious. I want to see Jelly tats!

I have phantom tats. That is, I want a great many tattoos, I just haven’t gotten any of them yet. Not having ink when you want ink sucks.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Its pretty hard to get a good picture of it but here is mine

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YES! You’ve showed me that one before. I forgot it was you. It looks fantastic. I just LOVE octopods. I have big plans for copying your white ink. Mine will probably be the invisible pink unicorn

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@Seek_Kolinahr Awesome. White ink is great, I just love how subtle a white tattoo looks. It makes the tattoo look really natural. Like I’ve seen some great colored tattoos but all the color sometimes just looks out of place, the white ink makes it look like its supposed to be there.

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Not sure what a tattoo type is—if it’s college educated, in a stable relationship, working in the legal field and all around cool person then I guess that’s me.

If I did not have my tattoos I would just get some other tattoos. When I started tattooing myself I became less self-conscious about my body. So if I didn’t have them then I might still be that self-conscious girl that hides her body and herself all the time.

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Around £50/£100.

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My friends with tattoo’s talk about them a lot. So I guess they’d shut up finally!!

I have none, it’s too permanent and life is change, nothing sums me up for all time as I hope to keep evolving. Plus I’ve seen a lot of pretty horrible tats.

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You can’t be buried in some Jewish cemetaries.

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This is cool stuff. I’m glad I asked.

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I’m not sure if I’d feel differently without my tattoos, but I would have missed out on an awesome bonding experience with my oldest daughter if I hadn’t gotten that specific one.

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My favorite tattoo is on the outside of my wrist, without it I would be sad. I sometimes get a glimpse of it and the meaning always makes me feel better, stronger. I seems so simple, but it means so much to me.

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I want a tattoo on my right shoulderblade but if it was there, I could not see it so would it really matter whether I had it or not? Evidently not since I do not have it yet.

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I’m not partial to one tattoo, necessarily. I like them all. To take my favorite away would be to take them all from me. I’m identified by these tattoos so to take them is to take a part of me.
Sure, that sounds a little lame and cliche, but its true. My tattoos give me confidence. They make me both more attractive and repulsive depending on who is doing the looking. There are rare times when I get to change people’s minds about the tattooed “ruffians” just by being nice.
There’s also the idea of all the money and time I’ve spent “in the chair” getting my work done. Added all up, it would be pretty large sum in both aspects.
I know my mother would enjoy it if I no longer had tattoos but I wouldn’t. My tattoos are just as much of me as my baby blue eyes or red facial hair or my laugh even.

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@Randy has the best tattoos ever.

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