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What is the best way to ship a large, heavy package across the country?

Asked by wildpotato (14903points) December 29th, 2012 from iPhone

I’m in charge of cleaning out my grandmother’s apartment and shipping her things to relatives. I need to send a recliner chair that’s 24“x30“x48” (including the ottoman on the seat) and is 45 lb (again including ottoman) from New Jersey to Oregon.

The best option I’ve seen so far (thanks, @syz) is to do it via Greyhound. If you have any experience shipping with Greyhound, how was it? Does anyone have any other suggestions or experience to share?

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Does the chair have great sentimental value, or is it an heirloom / antique of great value? If the answer to both of those questions is “no”, then I’d question “why bother?” on the shipment at all.

Used furniture, especially modern upholstered furniture, is hardly worth the trouble it takes to ship, never mind the expense. I’d give it away or sell it locally, and send the cash value instead.

But if you’re really determined to ship it, then I’d suggest making arrangements with a common carrier such as Yellow Freight. You will definitely need to have it packaged in some way, either crated or boxed securely. Also, depending on the weight, it may need to be secured to a pallet to allow fork trucks to move it in warehouses and freight depots.

I’ve used bus lines for shipment of heavily loaded toolboxes and other such small, heavy crates, but I don’t think they’d take anything as large as a (crated) recliner. The bus freight has to fit into the luggage compartment of the bus beneath the passenger seats.

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@CWOTUS It’s a matter of sentimental value. And while it’s not of great value, neither is it a crappy modern piece – solid shaped wood, leather, etc. I’d guess it’s from the 70s. I’d love to just keep it, but my uncle wants it and he’s willing to pay for the shipping, and I’m willing to run around and send it off. I’ll look into Yellow Freight, thank you. It hadn’t occurred to me that I might need to crate it, but you’re totally right; that’s probably what’s going to have to happen.

When I went through the Greyhound estimate calculator it accepted my dimensions, but I suppose you’re right and I’d better double check about that. Especially if I have to crate it; that’ll add a few more inches.

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If the package will fit via Greyhound, then it will probably get better handling that way, even though it’ll be slower. But since speed isn’t the primary concern here, that might be the way to go. I’m surprised that it fits, frankly.

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(Is this related to @Shippy’s question?)

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Rail freight.

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Get a quote from a moving company that does direct moves to Oregon ( you would be added to a “short load” goes to Oregon. Pricing should included “door to door”, packing and removal of shipping materials at Oregon.

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