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Why would Fluther encourage people to join if the only way they can make money is if nonmembers click on ads?

Asked by Rarebear (25023points) January 15th, 2013

Just curious

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Since those that started Fluther flew the nest to bigger and far more profitable things, it’s not about making money, I don’t think.

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More members ask and answer more questions, which leads to more Google hits, which leads to more ads.

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Makes sense, thanks.

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@bob_‘s got the right idea. While money isn’t the main point, it’s certainly necessary to the survival of the site. A strong, vibrant and growing community attracts attention.

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When I log out, disable my Firefox adblocking, and reload the page, I still don’t see any ads.

Does Fluther recognize me as member just from my IP, or something like that?

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@Brian1946 You’d probably have to clear you cache (delete the cookies) and restart your browser. Your browser saves the cookie from the last time you were logged in, so you’re essentially seeing a cached page.

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^^ Doesn’t it sound like I know what I’m talking about? Haha.

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You’d probably have to clear you cache (delete the cookies) and restart your browser.

I did both of the above, disabled my adblocking, and I still didn’t see any ads.

If you feel like trying what you suggested, I’d be curious to see if you see any ads.

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I know @johnpowell can see them when he’s not logged in, because we talked about that once. I’ll try it later and see if I can.

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I fired up IE, which I’d never before used to look at Fluther, and without logging in, I saw glorious ads for stuff I have actually searched for. So it’s certainly not IP driven.

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Hey, @ETpro, can you take a screen shot and post it here? It’d be interesting to see what it looks like with ads. Just in case I can’t see them.

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I needed to stick a copy of Opera on the machine for testing browser compatibility of websites anyway, so that done, I searched on Google from something I knew I’d posted in the past and grabbed this screen shot. Not the loveliest ad, but it is there.

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^ ^ De nada. I owed you. Still do…

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