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Can you recommend a good camera for around $200 or less?

Asked by jca (35970points) January 23rd, 2013

I am looking for a decent camera with a good zoom lens on it. I am not particularly a camera buff, but I am looking to spend around $200 or less.

I have been researching Costco and Amazon. I am also a member of Sam’s Club and BJ’s, so I have options.

I like Samsung and have had success in the past with Samsung products, including cameras and TV’s. My past Samsung camera had a great lens and took pictures that looked like postcards. I see some Samsung cameras have the German lens, which is what my previous Samsung had.

I was looking at Samsung WB150F and Fuji HS25. The Fuji got good reviews, is 30x zoom, and is presently $199 from Costco.

The Samsung WB150F got decent reviews, and is presently $169 from Costco. It’s $244 from Amazon.

One reviewer said he had better results with the Samsung DV300F, but it’s only 5x zoom, so that’s not too impressive to me. Also, I can spend a bit more than the DV300F (Amazon, $109) and am willing if it gets me a better zoom.

Right now the front-runner is the Fuji HS25 at $199 from Costco. That’s a price with an in-store rebate, which expires January 31, 2013.

Any camera reviews have people who love it, people who hate it and a bunch in between. I figured I’d look to my Jelly friends to see what you have and if you like it.

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No, I’m sorry. I usually charge much more. But I’ll make you a deal, for $300 (half the usual price!) I’ll recommend a great camera.

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I don’t know what exactly is out there right now but I recommend Canon, in general. I’m sure they have something with a good zoom for less than 200. Their Powershot series of cameras, for point and shoot is really great. Awesome pics, really easy to use, but still all the setting you need to change whatever you might want to change. I have to run but will do some research on this in a couple hours when I get back.

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I’d recommend the Panasonic Lumix. I like it because it takes great pictures and great video and is very compact. I can carry it in a case that fits on my waist belt. It has a 16X optical zoom . You might want to buy a larger memory card for it also.

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If you’re willing to go with a used one I’d recommend a Canon SX40HS ($339 new on Amazon, $239.01 used). I can send you a link to pictures I’ve taken with mine (there might/should be a link on my profile, also) if you like.

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i its your 1st cam i suggest your should get a used cam in a cheaper price. Canon is no doubt best option you can have. Just visit amazon and get some used cam, i tried many used cam and cell phone you can get them in good conditions. its not necessary people sell things that don’t works some time they sell if they got something extra. So go for it.

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If you pick one with a zoom of 16 or 30, make sure it has adequate image stabilization. Too often if that is not adequate, your long range pics will be blurry. Fuji, Panasonic are good. Last Nikon I had I didn’t like, image distortion. And yes Canon is always good.

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I recently bought a Panasonic Lumix too. Excellent deal.

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May I suggest that if you want such a huge zoom, spend a little more money and get an SLR? That way you can get a good lens and won’t have to worry about a crappy unstabilized zoom on a small camera. Your pictures will be better no matter what they try to convince you about a smaller camera. And if you buy used on Craigslist or something, you shouldn’t have a terrible time finding something that suits you.

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