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Do you have any constructive criticism for our website redesign?

Asked by gorillapaws (20658points) February 4th, 2013

We have recently re-designed our website: for our small, private surgical practice that primarily treats Varicose and Spider veins. I’m wondering if you have any specific criticisms or suggestions for ways we can improve things. Were you able to find what you were looking for? Was there anything that stood out in a bad way, you found offensive, or really didn’t like?

There are no wrong answers, and all feedback is helpful. Thanks so much for your help Jellies!

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One thing that I didn’t understand is the reason for why the verb is in parentheses in this sentence:
In venous insufficiency states, venous blood and refluxes (flows) backwards down the veins into an already congested leg.
(From here)

I suppose grammar and spelling issues may be too frivolous, but here’s one that stood out:
Symptoms of venous reflux disease can include heavy aching, burning, swelling, unsightly cosmetic appearance, skin discoloration, leg fatique and ulcers.
After I fulfilled myself in finding that one, I decided it was silly to carry on.

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@dxs Thanks so much for catching those errors. I’ll be sure to get them fixed. I know we still have a lot of small things to correct still. Any thoughts on the general aesthetics, organization, flow etc? Again, thanks for taking the time to help out.

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I like the look. Clean and appropriate for a medical site. Easy to figure out what to do. Nice calls to action.

I have Skype. Look what it’s doing to the phone number in your top semicircle where you encourage users to “Click here for a free screening.”

Looks like you need to clear floats on the link list at the bottom of the page. Note how the text is floating down over the brick-red bar above the footer

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I’m viewing it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and the aforementioned thick red line appears thicker and goes through the middle of the bottom text

I took a screenshot but it won’t transfer from the clipboard. Sorry.

I guess something like that’s difficult to get it to appear consistently across devices (or is it browsers)?

The rest of everything else looks fine and professional

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@Buttonstc It’s actually dead simple. The developer just needs to break floats. The fact they didn’t know that, and didn’t test in any ting other than that piece of HTTP garbage, Micro$oft IE, is disturbing. What else did they miss?

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When I saw you mention IE, I thought I’d give it a try on iPhone. Actually, except for that red line being even worse, the whole rest of it looks really good and loads quickly. I was expecting it to lock up my phone totally, so kudos to them for making it iPhone friendly.

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Not having any idea who you are, really, or what you do or how well you do it, I was expecting to be unimpressed – but it’s a nice, clean design, with good use of colours and type. A little too much small print for your target audience perhaps (particularly at the bottom of the page), but overall this is well done.

I noticed a couple of the things that @ETpro already mentioned, and I had a QuickTime popup on the Vein Information page, which is annoying. I’m on an old laptop at the moment, though – so that might be my own settings coming back to haunt me.

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The footer div is a fixed height, so the background-image appears over the contents of the div, like the “Downloads” and “Clarivein” links.

Other than that, the use of stock photos triggers “scam” alert for me. Also, some of the images seems overly compressed. And some of the pages render ok on mobile, but this is hardly responsive design.

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I am on an iPhone, browsing with Safari. I like the mobile intro page: it looks very clean, and the View Full Site link is big and obvious. The only thing I don’t like is that when I click on the address it loads Google Maps in the browser instead of taking me to my app. But maybe this is no longer possible, since the iPhone updated to not have GMaps included in the OS anymore – or hey, maybe you could you make it load to Apple Maps? Or maybe that’s not something a developer can control, and it’s up to my iPhone to recognize that it needs to load a Maps app when I click an address link…

The full site main page looks nice. I’m not getting the word float at the bottom like the others are. What I am getting is a weird white blank bar over the physician’s folded hands: see my screenshot. I tried reloading a few times; no change.

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The site looks quite nice. Here’s a few suggestions I have for you:

*Move your primary sub pages up to the root directory, so that their url’s would be something like instead of

*Reduce the opaque transparency on the images of doctors and such. They are just a little too light and fuzzy.

*Update your title tags and headline tags to optimize your site for search engines

*Put some highly visible links on your blog that go back to the main site.

*I would put fewer links in the footer and instead consider creating a sidebar where they could fit more intuitively.

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