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Only 247 people have over 10k lurve?

Asked by XOIIO (18113points) February 5th, 2013

So I just noticed, only 247 people on fluther have the award for getting 10k lurve, is it just me or does that seem like a really small amount? Heck, one of the awards has 18000 people it was given to, so I guess having 10k or more isn’t all that common?

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Yeah yeah but there is not need for the jellies to get all big-headed about it now. The last thing we need is overbloated jelly egos!!!!!!!!!

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maybe that said “Only 24/7 people…”

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And your point is…?

I don’t find that so very unusual. It takes quite a while of being an almost daily regular on Fluther to reach that number (or even much longer if only dropping by sporadically)

I’ve either visited or joined various other Forum type websites and if one pays attention, it becomes obvious who the regular members are (usually by a high post count).

And there typically aren’t an overwhelming number of regulars (around a hundred or less is pretty typical, even with something as huge as Android Forums) so Fluther seems fairly typical in that regard.

But numbers are definitely not my forte so I guess I could be missing something. But that’s how I see it.

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But they’re a good 247!

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Yeah, and Zen counts for about five of them!

Not really, I know. But I just thought I’d say that.

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@Symbeline I wish it were true, but he always stopped before he crossed 10k. Unless people have been adding more lurve in his absence (and who would know to do that), he counts for only one person over 10k at the moment.

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@marinelife some of us are bad. Very bad. and deserve punishment ;)

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It gets really difficult to increase lurve at those large numbers. You have to interact with newbies a lot more. I would guess that the 247 are a small(ish) group of the longest-term members, the ones who are exceptionally active on new users’ questions.

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@Buttonstc Just seems that out of the hordes of members that we have, and plenty are longer term ones, that only 247 people have reached that much.

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Does the 18,000 represent individual members, or the number of times it’s been awarded? I know that some awards are given out multiple times.

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@hearkat Check here, the first few are one time awards, and they have a lot.

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Is there a punch line to this question?

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@XOIIO – Wow! 27,000+ First Answers. But I imagine that might include spammers. So the 18,000+ number is probably more representative of actual visitors to Fluther in the 6+ years it’s been around.

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