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Is anyone concerned about DA14 hitting the Earth, or the satellites?

Asked by filmfann (44522points) February 10th, 2013

It will miss us this pass, but with such a major change in orbit, which cannot be accurately predicted until it happens, should we be worried about the next time it goes by, or the time after that?

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Not me.

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Not concerned at all. These asteroids only ever hit Los Angeles, or New York (which is often really Toronto.) If it does ever hit, then it will be the fault of liberals and the gays, and you should have all repented and prayed harder.

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It’s only a matter of time, earth has been slammed numerous times in it’s history. If nuclear war, and/or bio warfare doesn’t get us first an astroid surely will at some point or another.
Personally I think it can’t happen soon enough, the only hope for this planet is a fresh start, and rest assured we will get it, one way or another. lol

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Nah man, if it hits then too bad.
I don’t think it’s even capable of global destruction y’know?
I guess it kinda depends on where it lands.
Like if it lands in the ocean then there would probably be tsunamis and stuff that would effect coastal regions. On land it would make earthquakes and stuff around the area.

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Not in the least. There is nothing I can do about it, so why worry?

There are other priorities….

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Quite concerned here. Don’t know if we have already sighted and recorded all existing asteroids out there which will either do a flyby or hit us. Is there a chance one that will hit and big enough to wipe us all out have evaded detection so far? I overheard a lady said Jehova would never allow that to happen.

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Nah. When your number’s up, your number’s up.

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What’s to worry about? It’ll hit or it won’t. There’s not much that I can do about it either way, so not much for me to worry about.

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I’m not worried. “They” already know where it will go and when it will be our neighborhood again. Relax. If it was going to hit, I’d be working on a proposal to avoid the collision, or at least make it hit someplace where it won’t do significant damage.
I’m thinking Afghanistan.

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I’d be thinking D.C.

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Can’t be D.C. Real estate is too expensive.
If I want to get the proposal approved I’ll have to put it someplace where it will do the most good.
Ooooo!!! How about the Japina Islands?!?!

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I never think about it. Plenty of other things right here on planet earth to be concerned about.

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So only paranoid survivalist types will be around I guess…nice.

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I’m more worried about a planet 6 degrees warmer than today.

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