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Does anyone know the NEW Rate Plans for the iPhone 3G?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) June 17th, 2008

Does anyone know the NEW Rate Plans for the iPhone 3G?

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They haven’t been released yet. The phone itself will cost $199 (8GB) and $299 (16GB).

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How much will it really cost me over 2 years?. That depends on how many minutes you use and how many text messages you want to sign up for, but at AT&T’s lowest plan price of $39 a month for 450 minutes, plus a mandatory $30 data charge and $5 for 200 text messages, you’re looking at $1975 over the course of two years. Before tax and other fees. Here’s how it stacks up against the old iPhone and against other 3G smartphones on Verizon and Sprint.

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Well does that $39 include the Existing AT&T customers plan?

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It’s the same talk plans as before (starting at $39.95), but the unlimited wireless data plan has increased from $20 p/m to $30 p/m.

I imagine this has to do with AT&T expecting people to use more bandwidth with the 3G phones.

So you’re looking at, at least $70 p/m + taxes and fees ($80-ish?).

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The data plan didn’t change from $20 to $30, there is just a new data plan that is 3G and costs $30. Anybody with a 2G iPhone can still use the $20 data plan.

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but you most likely won’t be able to get away with paying 2G rates on the 3G phone; in the end you’re going to be spending well over $1,000 a year to keep the iphone 3G.

I found a place that will be selling the 3G iPhones unlocked (can’t find the source, I think it was a european store though), either way just to give everyone an idea, the real price of the new iPhone is $699 and $799; rather than what the Apple spread around with the 2 year AT&T contract of $199 and $299

it isn’t cheap.

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