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Can she still be pregnant?

Asked by Amo101 (151points) August 24th, 2013

I am living with my friend now and she was worried about being pregnant.
She have had sex on the 3 and suppose to get her period the 19.
Her period is six days late and on the six day she took a test in the morning and it came out negative but she still have some symptoms like bloating, feeling full, gassy, her breasts are more fuller and not as much pain, stomach cramps/feeling uncomfortable and sometimes feel sick in the morning.
I told her it can be that she had to much acid and or he period is coming soon.

Is she telling herself that she is pregnant? or is she really is pregnant?

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She’s got a bun in the oven, no doubt.

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You can’t be certain of anything at this point. Perhaps in a week she should take another test.

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Except maybe for feeling sick in the morning, all of those symptoms could just be her period coming. Pregnancy tests these days are pretty accurate if you use them correctly, and some can detect pregnancy before you even miss a period.

I agree that she should take another test in a week. I definitely don’t agree that there’s “no doubt about it” (apparently we have a resident psychic here on Fluther), but it’s still possible she’s pregnant.

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By now, it’s the 24th so her period would be 5 days late. She should have it by now. Did she get it?

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@jca This question was asked 5 hours ago. She didn’t have it when he asked.

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Yep, retest soon. Stress can cause delays and effect menstrual cycles.
If she has been very worried and anxious it would not be uncommon for her period to be late.
Have her take another test asap.

If another week goes by she continues to test negative she should see a doctor.
Pregnancy tests are very accurate these days and can detect the pregnancy hormone in the first mornings urine within just a few days of a missed period. If the latest test comes up negative she has probably just worked herself up to the point of being very late.

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She needs to take another test! Preferably have a doctor do a blood test.

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My wife has a friend that would take pregnancy tests for missed periods even when she wasn’t sexually active. Moral: missed periods =\= pregnancy.

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If she is very regular I say there is a really good chance she is pregnant. Do another preggers test. Her HCG might not have been quite high enough to come up positive on the test last time she did it. I would do it in another day or two personally. Meanwhile, she should assume she is. No drinking, nothing that could cause a problem.

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And she should be taking prenatal vitamins, even if she isn’t currently pregnant.

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no doubt.she should see a doctor.

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Well, did she get her period? Did the new test come back negative or positive?

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I never understand why people think it is just a period coming. If she regularly has those symptoms from her period, which is not uncommon, why bother even mentioning the symptoms? Obviously, these must be uncommon for her.

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@JLeslie I didn’t start getting cramping and bloating from my period until of couple of years ago. Things change, especially when you’re young.

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@livelaughlove21 I guess that makes sense. She is late and has those symptoms and had sex on a day that most likely is near ovulation. She should be suspicious she is pregnant. I’m glad she isn’t just dismissing, or being in denial. I do agree anything can happen in any month. Women have surprise early and late and more symptomatic periods at times no question. But, people who are very regular don’t usually have one drastically different period all of a sudden. But, it can happen.

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@JLeslie no she still haven’t gotten her period and is worried to take another one and yes since the beginning of August she has been stressing out from moving from her home land to a new bigger city.

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Well, stress could explain a late period, and chenge in diet, if she has been eating differently and less healthy. Get her to do do a test soon. Putting it off is the worst thing. I hope she gets the result she wants.

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