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A question for Keurig users.

Asked by Katniss (6641points) October 25th, 2013 from iPhone

Where do you buy your Kcups? At the store? Online? How much do you generally pay for a box of 18? Have you found a place where you can pick them up for a relatively good price?


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There’s some information about pricing here, along with a suggestion of using re-fillable k-cups, which I assume will save you money. The waste involved in the whole Keurig thing kind of freaks me out.

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I bought the reusable filter for my husband (I don’t drink coffee). I buy him his favorite ground Starbucks and Dunkin Donut coffee when it is on sale. You have to rinse out the filter, but it isn’t a big deal. Saves a lot of money.

I keep some of the ready to use cups on hand for when people visit and I usually buy them at Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon.

Edit: I had trouble with the link to show you the filter, but this link from Kohl’s should work. I bought ours at Bed Bath and Beyond, and you can buy it online from Keurig I think.

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Usually bed Bath beyond. A reasonable selection of flavors, and they always have their BB&B coupons that come in the mail.

I have bought, once or twice, through Ebay – 50 cups for a good price, but the coffee seemed stale to me.

I don’t do the refillable cups. Too much hassle. If I wanted to do make an effort to make coffee, I would use a regular drip coffeemaker.

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@glacial @JLeslie Thank you! I should probably invest in a reusable filter. I spend a fortune on Kcups every month. I’m ashamed to say that I never thought much about the environment. Bad Katniss!!

@Adirondackwannabe Thank you! I bookmarked that website.

I think I will start using a combination of the Kcups and the reusable filter. It will cut down on cost and waste.

@elbanditoroso Bed Bath and Beyond? I’d never even thought about them. Thank you! I will definitely check them out.

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@Katniss I would bet in one month you pay for the filter. We had ours over two years and still perfect and undamaged. Now we have two. We bought a second one on the off chance one was not emptied and rinsed ready to use. They are easiest to clean once the grounds are dry. Then you can just dump them into the garbage. The first one is still perfect though, almost three years now.

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@JLeslie How much are the filters? 20 or 30 dollars?
You’re most likely right. I spend 20–30 dollars per month on Kcups.
Yikes! lol

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I am always gunning for Costco or Sam’s Club. Generally, unless there’s a good sale in a supermarket, Costco or Sam’s Club have the best prices.

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@Katniss $15—$20. Depends on the sales and the coupons. I think the link I gave you it was around $18? But, I don’t remember if we had to buy the part that the cup sits in also? I don’t drink coffee. A plastic removable peice. Or, maybe the coffee maker comes with it.

Edit: the filter comes with the other parts, I just read the description. So, less than $20 total.

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@jca Do you still need a membership to shop at those places? I believe my sister shops at Costco. Hmmmmmm Going to check them out too. Thank you!

@JLeslie That’s isn’t bad at all. I forgot to factor my son’s tea in my monthly cost. Add another 10 to that figure. lol

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@Katniss I wonder if tea is less expensive when you buy it loose? Then you would save even more. I still make tea with a tea bag, I don’t use the keurig.

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@JLeslie I will have to look into that. My son uses Kcups sometimes, but bags other times. He’s currently addicted to this really strong, smokey Chinese tea. They don’t sell it in Kcups, so bags it is. It smells vile. Earl Grey is so much better. lol

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@Katniss I find that making tea in a coffee maker tastes a little like coffee.

I don’t like earl grey personally. Give me good old fashion English breakfast or Liptons and I am happy. I Chinese tea also. Like what the Chinese restaurants in NY serve. It isn’t very strong though. This ine middle eastern restaurant I used to go to had delicious tea. They sold it loose so I bought it once. They had the recipe on the jar to make it like they serve it in the restaurant. I realized what a ton of sugar and honey they put in it so I never bought it again. It was so strong, it needed the sweet. Other teas I can drink no sugar no problem. I’m basically caffeine free, so I have a smaller choice anyway.

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I don’t understand making tea in a Keurig, unless it’s because the location does not have very hot water (like a water cooler that puts out hot water), a stove to boil water on or a microwave to heat the water. Otherwise, just put a bag in a cup or loose tea in a ball and add hot water – way cheaper than a Keurig.

@Katniss: Yes, you still need a membership to go to Sam’s or Costco. At Costco, you can order online without being a member (a lot of people don’t know that) but prices may not be as cheap as in the warehouse. For example, you can buy a bed in the warehouse for about $100 cheaper than online, because, I think, delivery is free but the added $100 online is actually a hidden delivery fee. Now, I just ordered a new Dell Inspiron online from them, at a price that the warehouse didn’t have (online they had $100 off, where they did not have that offer in the store). Check Costco online and see if they have K Cups.

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@jca – my local Costco has Kcups in store, but larger packages (54 or 72 cups/pkg). And when I did the math, it was actually cheaper on a per-cup basis to go to Bed bath and Beyond (with coupon).

Fortunately, in my case they are literally across the street from each other.

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I use the EkoBrew reusable cup. 2 for $10 on Amazon. The EkoBrew is a lot hardier than other filters that I’ve tried.

When I was in charge of purchasing kcups for my office, I usually bought them on Amazon as well. I got them for between $0.45 and $0.60 a cup most of the time.

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I’m just looking at Costco coupons that expire 10/27 (Sunday) and they have 54 ct Starbucks House Blend for $29.99. Just FYI – Not sure what they are at BB&B or Amazon, or if Starbux is what you are looking for.

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I have been buying k-cups directly from
Pricing works about to 60 cents/cup. If you sign up for an account, you get a discount. There is free shipping over $45.00 and a small freebie if you order more than 6 boxes.

But what makes the site great is the selection of coffees, regular and decaf, that are available. Lots of different brands and different blends. I like to buy a couple of boxes of the ones we order each time and then order a new one or two and also get different decafs each time around.

As to tea, I’d use a kettle but Keuring does carry African Roosboi (redbush) tea in k-cups and I order a box of those and use it over maybe three months.

Fifth Street Coffee offers good sales occasionally and I have bought large (80 cup) boxes from


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Rooibos not Roosboi.

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We buy the knock-off kcups that work in other automatic coffee makers also. It’s just a seal with a filter full of coffee hanging off of it. Cheaper and less wasteful. I used the refillable cups for a while, may as well just go back to a drip maker then. When I used a drip maker I usually ended up wasting half the pot and everyone likes their coffee a bit different anyway. I like making coffee with a small french press but in the end the convenience of the keurig in the morning when I’m usually running late anyway is going to win out.

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You’re all awesome. Thank you so much!!
All this talk about Kcups and my dumb ass forgot to buy some on the way home from work. Bah!!

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I used this system at my daughter’s home and was astounded at the unit cost per serving and the amount of waste generated. They don’t even make what I consider a full serving of coffee!

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@Dr_Lawrence My husband runs the same kcup twice (it’s actually the reusable I mentioned above) for a large thermal mug that he takes to work. I don’t remember how many ounces he actually winds up with, but more than theblarge that the keurig has as a pre-set.

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