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Would the world be a better place if geeks ran the show?

Asked by DWW25921 (6463points) December 11th, 2013

I’ve wondered what would happen if we had incredibly geeky people as the ruling class. They would try their hardest to come up with the best solution to every problem. We would be out of debit in no time! That is of course assuming that the current system of bribery was abolished first… I digress… I think we would be better for it!

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We already have a world run by too many geeks. Geeks end up with their own bizarre rules, and no one is able to go outside those rules. Nope, it would be an even bigger mess.

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I’m pretty sure geeks run silicone valley and a sizeable chunk of the entertainment industry. We’re two-thirds there.

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No, just different.

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Don’t they already? Your president is a lawyer. I wonder how much time he spent rolling 20 sided dice, and rolling a perfect joint as a youth.?

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Dude. Look at how silicon valley runs. Twitter has taken a billion in but hasn’t had a profitable quarter.

And if you have the time look at It is a bunch of Libertarian nerds that think rules don’t matter. They call it disruption.

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Bah… Humbug. Ok, you guys have a point. My dreams are ashes.

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