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Would you be bothered if your partner had no photos of you on their profile, phone or desktop?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) December 23rd, 2013

Obviously this is a bit annoying to me, not anything to fight about so I’m just curious! Lol.

My bf use to always put pictures of us up as his profile picture, his phone, his laptop desktop. Now it’s just nothing but photos of his car EVERYWHERE and not a single photo of me.

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I think if he has you as his gf on his ‘About Me’, it’s about all you can ask. Anything else is his personal preference because it’s HIS page.

If he used to have a lot and doesn’t now, then you can address that with him.

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My fiancé always has me on his phone, always. The screen saver on his home computer alternates between my ass, my face, and Camaro Z1. His Facebook profile pic is us together.

I don’t blame you for being annoyed, I would be too. I would bring it up, in a joking way, and see what he says. Is his face plastered all over your belongings?

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Does he have an addictive personality? I would be surprised, and possibly concerned, about the change.

I get using a picture of your child as your profile picture, but I would never use a picture of a significant other. That’s a bit much.

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Nope. I avoid being photographed. And I have no photos of family or loved ones on my desk or on my walls. Just not my thing.

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My wife has no photos of me anywhere. Never has is twenty-five years. Two reasons:

• I’m the photographer in the family, so I’m usually behind the camera – not in the shots.

• My wife was a probation officer for twelve years specializing in some of the worst criminals (sex offenders, pedophiles, wife beaters). Here she was not allowed to have anything personal on her desk or on her person for safety reasons. It’s a habit she never got out of.

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Sounds like you’re insecure (in general) in your relationship with him, and this is just one teeny piece of it that happens to be pissing you off today. When you’re insecure, then even the tiniest things can make you nervous – like you’re looking for evidence to support your thoughts.

Either that, or you have waaaaaaay to much time on your hands.

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More worrisome might be his irrational and single-minded passion towards his car.

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I’m not really into show and tell.

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Pffft. No. It just isn’t important enough to care about. Hubby never posts pics online. His phone currently has pictures of Roy Schneider from Jaws. I never post pics of him and my phone always has pics of my daughter.

Now, if he had a pic of another woman, then we would have a problem.

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No. Not at my age now. At 50 something I could care less if some guy wants my image plastered on his phone and I certainly don’t want an 8×10 glossy of my face on someones desk. lol
I do not like picture obsessed types and hate, hate, hate, and refuse to hang photos in my house. I like art, not peoples faces on my walls.

Do not give me cutesy photographs and expect me to build a shrine for them, won’t happen, they will be in a drawer somewhere. haha

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Not in the least.

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I don’t know how long you two have been together. A lot of the time in the beginning of a relationship people are more “coupley”. They have more pics up as a couple or of their SO.
Then after awhile they start to feel the need to get more of their individuality back. Perhaps that is his shift from couples/you photos to something that is a personal interest.

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Yeah I know it’s a shift. I was just wondering for everyone else too.

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I don’t really like being photographed.

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@annieborn.. known eachother for 3 years now, been together officially 2½

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My husband has a few pictures of me on his Facebook, but only because I put then there when we created his page together years ago. The only pictures on his phone are of our animals or fish he’s caught. It doesn’t bother me and never has. He knows I don’t like pictures of me anyway.

We’re also married and living together, so him not having pictures of me everywhere would be an odd concerns or me to have, I think.

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No those wouldn’t bother me.
It does make me a bit sad that he has only two pics of us in his facebook albums though.

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Give him a really attractive photo of yourself. If he doesn’t put it in a place of prominence, then worry.

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Nope, I would be relieved.

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So, which one is he riding more? Could explain the change.

or not.

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My boyfriend has loads of pictures of me on his phone and computer. However, I don’t need him to have a picture of me on his profile (Facebook or any other), in fact, I am quite pleased that he doesn’t. I don’t have him on mine either. Couples that have pictures of them kissing as their profile pictures irritate me a little. It’s almost like they need to prove to their friends list how much in love they are. I should add that if said couple have just got married it doesn’t irritate me quite so much if they have a wedding picture of them kissing as their profile pic for a while.

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If your relationship is strong, stuff like that is insignificant. Needing to be constantly reminded of each other smacks of insecurity.

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