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Is anyone else totally wasted?

Asked by ebenezer (1459points) June 27th, 2008 from iPhone

this is a serious question.

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not totally.

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I wish! I’m at work.

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Not even a little. That was the weekend before.

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I imagine this question has been asked before. If it hasn’t, I am disappointed. Until tomorrow, then I will just feel stupid.

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I was high a few hours ago.

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Im working on it

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I’m high on sniffing my baby’s head!

Does that count?

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I’m high on life!

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haha.. awesome, as i was getting on my computer i was just thinking of posting a question: is anyone else totally roasted?
because i definitely definitely am. haha.

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I’ve got a good buzz going, but not totally wasted…....yet.

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bulb- of course! I am looking for a newborn’s head to get a lift. But seriously, CONGRATS!

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Not anymore :(

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I am not.. For once.
:) but full off ice cream.

Bulbatron congrats, your baby is adorable.

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Noot oeyet but im worging on it.

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I am with you in mind- but alas have been denied the pleasure of brew and spirits.
Tomorrow- however- will be a different and more pleasant story.

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I’m trying to get a good buzz going. I can’t get too wasted tonight, but tomorrow… Oh, dear. :)

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@ bulbatron9 Congrats on the little one!

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honestly I’m so wasted right now tha! I can’t find my keys n my girl won’t let me in guess I’m gonna be sleeping in the backyard!!!

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update: I had a good conversation with my roomate and ate an advocado. I am now primed for a wedding and a reception tomorrow. Not mine.

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….......I’m back….and pleased to report I am now totally wasted and pretty much plan to stay that way until the sun rises or I pass out, whichever comes first

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Can’t say I am…..wasted at 9.30am on a Saturday would be pretty rock’n’roll though….and this would have to be my poison.

@ebenezer: an “advocado”, is that an avocado soaked in advocaat?

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@wildflower: I must be wasted…your poison actually looks tasty

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hehe, skittles are always tasty! wasted or not!

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