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Who has heard of Ollie's Bargain Outlet?

Asked by reijinni (6846points) January 9th, 2014

I’m asking because one is coming to my town next month and since I’ve never heard of the store before, I just need to know what to expect.

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Lots of cheap stuff, clearance items, near expired items all jumbled in no particular order. If you have a touch of OCD you will have trouble walking around there.

Oooo!!! Pomegranate juice for 99 cents! And Halloween decorations for 90% off!

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I’ve never been there. I looked at the website & Google images, and along with what @LuckyGuy said, it looks just like a spinoff of the late Building #19, a New England chain. Especially with all of the cartoons. But I bet Ollie wouldn’t’ve beat Jerry when it came to prices.
If it’s anything like Bldg #19, it’s rock-bottom quality compared to other stores but very cheap. Bldg #19 used to sell things like expired canned goods, water-stained shirts, ripped mattresses, and shoes for Sasquatch. But there’d always be a gem in there somewhere. I miss it. Rest in peace, Building #19.
The inside sort-of looks like a Big Lots. In that case, I’d say it’s one step up, quality-wise.

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I’m beginning to think that Building #19 and Ollie’s Bargain outlet are related somehow. The inside of Ollie’s also has cheesy jokes for each department, and I just read the slogan and it’s the exact same as Bldg #19. For reference, this is Bldg #19’s website:

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@dxs I was at the Bldg #19 in Framingham, Mass. once. It was actually pretty cool – they had all sorts of crap that I didn’t need, but in copious quantities. It was more entertaining than useful.

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@elbanditoroso Definitely. Half the fun was just going there to see all of the unusual things they might’ve been selling. And their self-deprecating humor about it was hilarious.
I had to edit this response to change it into the past tense :(.

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Remember back when Big Lots was cool? That’s what Ollies is like now only it’s usually a little bigger.

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I remember doing a piping job for BP oil in Mechanicsburg Pa in the early is a small town and the original Ollies was on the main street in the town.. they have been in Maryland for over twenty years and I like to go in there from time to time because you just never know what they might have on the shelves.

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Aww… they’re not in Florida. Boo.

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Yes! They are in Georgia, and being from Massachusetts, as soon as I heard Ollie’s using the catchphrase “Good Stuff Cheap,” I became curious. Even the cartoons they use are very similar to those of Building 19. Seems like they completely ripped off their entire platform lol

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