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What's your all-time favorite running shoe?

Asked by aaronou (735points) June 29th, 2008

I’ve tried out a number in my days and have recently decided that the Nike Vomero has probably worked for me better than any other shoe I have ran in. It’s most likely a little too soft for some of you though, but I love it.

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Nike Air Pegasus. I just love they way they feel and they’ve lasted me 6 months of 3+ miles of running a day.

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Naked Feet!

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Pegasus is a good shoe. The Nike Vomero is just like it with a little more cushioning and a bit softer. You could try it on sometime and see what you think. I like the Pegasus though, and its been around for awhile.

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“The Nike Zoom PV Lite is the first track and field shoe designed specifically for the pole vault”. Are you a Pole Vaulter beast?

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Yes, I actually am. That’s why it’s my favorite shoe. I still run (mostly distance), but I love pole vault and long jump.

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oh, sorry then, I guess thats the answer to “Whats your all-time favorite pole vaulting shoe” in case anyone asks

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I’m just kidding, Stocky. I’ve never even tried pole vaulting. I searched for my real favorite, but it didn’t show up. I just picked the one that looked cool.

My real favorite is the Nike Zoom Miller Cross.

edit:: I just found them. Here.

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I was a big fan of asics gel’s when was running a few years ago, I dont do a whole lot of running anymore. But if i was to buy new ones. these look nice.

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I am a New Balance fan.

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Whats with the New Balance numbers? I doubt they’ve made over 1000 different models.

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Read under “Shoes”. It explains how they assign the model numbers.

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Asics gel’s have been my favorite lately.

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I used to wear New Balance, but I learned (the hard way) they were bad for my knees. I’m running on Asics now.

Like running on clouds.

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Nike Humara

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