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What about the big article in the NYtimes about another ques. ans. site?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) June 29th, 2008

Why no mention of Fluther and of all the other programs online? Just wondering…

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To what article do you refer?

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i really don’t want to look through the whole site. have a link?

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I’m going to guess that this is it.

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Here’s how to send an email to author: Virginia Hefferan

Perhaps we can blitz her.The article is from her blog: The Medium and called “The Oracle Collective.”

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thanks for link shilolo.

to answer the Q: the article only mentioned one real Q & A site which is Yahoo. it mentioned AskJeeves but talked about how it wasn’t nearly as good and confusing. and it mentioned the 8 ball which isn’t a real community site. Yahoo Answers is a big Q&A site, so I don’t see anything wrong/weird about it. After all there has been an article devoted only to Fluther on NYT site too.

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I posted a comment touting Fluther.

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Thanks for the link. That is it, shilolo—I have to learn how to import links like that.

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