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When using a spray can of compressed air/gas to clean your PC is it harmful to your computer when it comes out liquid when spraying?

Asked by Coloma (47015points) March 7th, 2014

I was giving my computer a blow job here tonight, when, on several occasions, the compressed gas duster came out in liquid form. I was periodically shaking it well but still has some wet spray penetrate some of my ports and fan. It evaporated pretty quickly but is this potentially harmful?

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Not really, Just don’t hold the can upside down or sideways if you can help it. There is a chance that it can discolor some plastics but otherwise don’t worry about it. Duster is flammable though. It’s best not to have the computer on when dusting it out. It’s also best to let the computer cool to room temperature first so there is no massive temperature swing that could dislodge surface mount components. Even that is very unlikely.

During gaming spec competitions they use liquid nitrogen as a CPU and GPU heatsink.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Thanks!
Hmmm..I think I was using it upside down on the side ports. Good to know!
Next time I will rotate my laptop around so I don’t have to go all contortionist. lol

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Keep the bottle upright. And there is no need to shake the bottle.

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Read the label on the can. The stuff that I bought (from OfficeMax) says in big letters DO NOT SHAKE.

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Oops…yes, it does say to not shake. Oh well….now I know. haha
All’s well that ends well. Thanks people.

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The liquid becomes really cold as it evaporates. Bare chips and solder joints could be damaged. Connectors, fan, and switches will be OK.

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@RocketGuy Yikes…yes, the can was cold burning my fingers…well..everything seems to be working fine. Blondes and chemicals don’t mix well. lol

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Ha! Giving blondes a bad name!

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@RocketGuy I am always making blonde jokes about myself…look out, left ahnded, right brained blonde behind the wheel, er, spray nozzle. lol

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