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Why aren't Prince videos available in the USA on YouTube?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) March 9th, 2014

Arguably the greatest pop legend who is still alive and we can’t enjoy his videos/music on YouTube! What is going on here?

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Because Prince is an idiot who likes to sue (or at least threaten to sue) at the drop of a hat and who doesn’t understand the promotional value of the internet. Seriously, the dude once even threatened to sue people who put of fan sites for using his image (ie: posting widely available photos, even promo photos) without paying him for use of his image.

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Because his is a spoilt princess.

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Pretentious, prefers purple, posing, pompous prick.

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Arguably the best???? Are you kidding? Prince could fall off the face of the earth, and the world would be better because of it.

The reason for his stuff not being on You-Tube—> copyright. He is in control of who uses his songs and his videos, and he chooses to hoard them and try and suck his fans for every dollar, rather than make his music available to enjoyment. That’s certainly his right, but it is also a stick in the eye of people who enjoy his music.

This is what as known as contempt for his fans.

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Does this count?

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It’s a shame he feels this way about access to his work. He is/was an amazing artist who could have had a memorable “third act” (a la Bettye Lavette, Paul McCartney, Sting, etc.). Instead he’s steered into the crazy (which we knew was always there with him) and has become a bit of a joke.

Shame… I was a huge fan.
He was incredible live.

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Something interesting. Let’s get a UK member or someone non U.S. and see if his music can be found on YouTube. As it stands I get the message, “This video is not playable in your country”

There has to be some sort of dispute with the labels because he would in fact make money off YouTube videos…

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You already got a UK opinion…mine.

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@ucme But can you play his videos on YouTube?

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Sometimes, you probably can’t view it though.

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@ucme yea can’t here haha

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I think that has already been established.

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