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Who's your favorite Spice Girl?

Asked by lrk (757points) January 4th, 2009

I’ve had trouble deciding between Baby Spice (for her sweet adorable innocence) and Scary Spice (for her endearing crudeness).


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I’m with you.
I always hated Posh. In order: Baby/Scary/Sporty are tied, Ginger, Posh.

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Are there still Spice Girls? I thought they must have hit their sell-by date a long time back.

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@tinyvamp: And I liked you in another thread. Boo!


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hahaha, i love ginger spice as much as posh then baby then scarey and then sporty .

wow, i cant believe i remember their names… whoa.

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Old Spice GIrl.

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Mrs. Dash. ZING

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Did Geri Haliwell get a name? If so, I forget!

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Posh Spice…Dsvid Beckham’s soccer has sucked since she’s been with him (well cept for 1999 with Msncheter United) :-)

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@90s kid: ginger spice is geri halliwell

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i like the brown one. never knew her name actually.

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Scary and Ginger, for their attitude and sexuality.

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Ginger was where it was at!

She was also the best actress in the Spice World movie… um, so I hear… yeah.

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Cumin spice.

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I hate them all equally.

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Back when they were all that and a bag of chips, I had a thing for Ginger.

Now – not so much.

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Spiced rum

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I always loved Sporty Spice.
I feel very dorky telling people this.

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Princes Mars

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I was partial to Baby Spice, but I feel that, at least amongst my friends, one’s favorite Spice Girl was like one’s favorite Disney Princess – the favorite was the one who looked most like you. I’m a blonde, so I went with Baby Spice, my best friend who was mixed was drawn to Scary Spice, our red-headed friend wanted to be Ginger.

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Posh. I guess she was the least annoying. I really hated sporty because she looked like a slob, and scary because she looked like a man. I don’t like when women have to jump around screaming about girl power.

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i always liked baby. she was hot. then i found the geri haliwell nudie pics on the web and i decided she was pretty hot too. then i saw posh spices robo-nipples, but by that time she was mrs. beckham, which i guess made her extra hot and forbidden and what not. for a while i liked sporty, cuz she was hot in an ugly sort of way. only one i never got into was scary spice, or as i like to call her, Norbit’s baby mama.

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