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What would you buy with 100 dollars?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) March 16th, 2014

What if you found 100 dollars in your pocket that you did not know was there before, what would you go out and buy?

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Replacement meals milk shakes , and microwavable pasta chef ‘bo ‘r ‘d

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Books…as if I needed any more.

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Completely unexpected? I’d have to put it in my pocket and watch for someone in need. This winter has been brutal. I read a story where someone paid for someone’s propane for the next month, and they didn’t know the person. They did it out of the goodness of their heart. I’d like to do something similar to that.

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The money was completely unexpected.

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It’s going to someone else, definitely.

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First, find the real owner of it (though I really want it!)

If fails, then I’ll keep it.

I don’t want to spend all of it on one place. So I’ll keep it in a safe place.

The first thing that pop out of my mind right now is to get a little of it to buy THE COMICS I DESPERATELY WANT RIGHT NOW!

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Instead of going to the ATM and getting 100 spending money, I’d use the 100 I just found. I try to use cash when possible, for things like gas, so I will get 100 at a time and use it up.

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Keep up with the times, @Eggie! $100 is the new $20. I wouldn’t do much that I wasn’t planning to do anyway.

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@CWOTUS For an Asian like me, $100 is a large amount!

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If I found $100 in my pocket I would just put it in my wallet.

If you make me spend it all in one day on something I was not planning on buying, I guess I would buy the mats my husband wants for his car.

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Dinner at B-Dubs

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I’d use it to buy a half a tank of gasoline.

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New wheels or two tires for my truck.

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This actually happened to me last week. An unexpected $100. I bought a new motorcycle battery for $107. Score!

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Can’t spend it here.

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If it was in my pocket/wallet, then it was mine all along. Not sure why it’s considered “extra” in that case. I’d put it in the bank. $100 isn’t a significant amount of money to me, I guess.

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1. Buy cocaine
2. Stretch it

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I would give it to my daughter.

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If it was £100, i’d probably give the butler a wee bonus in his pay packet.

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Probably give it to my son and DIL. Both have disabilities that require expensive equipment to keep them comfortable and allow them to get around. They are in much greater need than I am.

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I think that’s about £75 and I would probably use it for fuel in my car and general surviving money. It would take a bit of pressure off for a month as I wouldn’t have to dip into my wages quite so much as they don’t quite stretch much past my bills.

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I wouldn’t buy anything. “Found money” goes into my savings account.

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@Leanne1986 In reality, that’s probably what i’d do too, “petrol vouchers” would be very welcome.

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I actually realized Saturday that I have $80 in my travel bag that I never had put in my wallet. It’s been there for a few months. All it means to me really is I don’t have to go to the bank again for another month or two. I so rarely use cash.

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I’d buy a carpet sweeper. No seriously. I have been wanting one for a long time now.
Like this one

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If I didn’t know who it belonged to I would just put in my savings account.

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People! If it’s in your pocket, it’s yours. Read the details. There’s no owner to return it to, because that’s you!

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@livelaughlove21 Ok, I’d put it in the bank but it would drive me crazy trying to figure out how I misplaced a hundred dollars and just found it in my pocket. I don’t usually shove hundred dollar bills in my pocket.

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@BeenThereSaidThat Neither do I. I don’t carry cash.

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I would put it in my piggy bank and save it.

But if I HAD to go buy something with it, no choice in the matter, I’d probably be boring and buy necessities, gasoline, groceries…

If I HAD to spend it on a non-essential, possibly a DVD collection like the original, remastered Star Trek, or a couple new pairs of tennis shoes I really liked (I usually buy the really cheap ones so this would be a chance to get something better).

Exciting ay.

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I would get some fresh seafood and flowers and cook my wife a gourmet meal.

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