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Would you date yourself?

Asked by LornaLove (9587points) March 22nd, 2014

Do you possess the personal characteristics, attributes and personality that would make you want to date “you”? Or have a relationship with you.

If so, why? If not, why not and what would you change?

Sidenote: I think I am hard going to date or be with!

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I I were a good looking woman, definitely…


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Absolutely, with no alterations.

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Hell YES! I always dated people just like me and the basics that they/I had to have was passion for nature and being in the outdoors, passion in bed, passion for humor, passion for the classics and passion for friends and family. Most importantly they must share my passion for music and delicious food!

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I wouldn’t date a guy with a beard.

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Sure! I always crack myself up!!

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It took years for me to realize that in real life I am an asshole. I live in my own world, a big world but still. My friends are part of my world, we all love the world I created.

No… a big no. I am (still looking) for someone who will ‘turn me on’ to their world.

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No, I like women see.

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In many ways, it’s about 80% of what I look for in a woman.

I hope to find a woman who shares some of the interests that are important to me – music, art, getting out and doing things. And about my height, and in roughly the same shape. Similar outlooks, similar appetites.

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Probably not. Opposites attract is true in my case, so it would not be all that great being with someone just like myself.

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Sure. I wish I could find someone like me to date. lol
I’m outspoken yet laid back, funny but not obnoxious, love sharing knowledge, stimulating discussion, quirky and creative, always up for witty banter, can make a game out of anything. I do not believe that opposites attracting is a good thing, I need someone that shares my offbeat personality style and can PLAY with me.

I need someone to open the damn door when I come knocking. Knock, knock…is anyone HOME?! haha

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I like @Coloma‘s description of herself. Would it be okay to choose her instead of myself to date? =)

I probably wouldn’t consider dating myself because it would be more enticing to meet someone new and learn their personality, likes, dislikes, and whatever other unexpected surprises they bring with them.

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Um no i don’t have the necessary equipment.

Seriously though I do want to date some one similar to me like @zenvelo though not my twin I want to be able to share to communicate to have valued ideas and value theirs. Stimulating convos that allow for disagreements and opposing perspectives. There are things I could work on. I don’t do image crafting well. Which ties into not the greatest social butterfly… Understatement. I could be a better listener. I could make less assumptions or overthink less and relax more. I could be more productive and have a better future plan….. But over all I do like who I am and think I’m a decent catch barring my health issues, which I might be changing here soon.

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@Bluefreedom Haha…why thank you kind sir. Wanna go out sometime? ;-)

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I would and I do. We’ve been going steady for a long time. Milo occasionally joins us for a threesome.

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@Coloma. When I next visit northern California we could get some dinner. =)

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@Bluefreedom Sure..I’m always up for an adventure. We already share a common vomit phobia…guess that means subbing out vomit detail if we ever were sick together. lol

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@Coloma. Sounds great and we’ll avoid getting sick. =)

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If it was the me from about 15 years ago, yes. Now? No

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Without a doubt.

Me and I are already best friends. :-)

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I don’t have boobs.

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July 2, 1992

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@NanoNano Yes you do, manboobs…not functional but clearly present. lol

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Absolutely. I would always understand my own jokes.

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Nah, but I’d use myself as a partner to get all the online trophies on PlayStation games I usually skip, due to not having any gaming partners. And that’s the kind of date I’m into.

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Not the same…not the same at all let me tell you.

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@NanoNano Agreed, man boobs are only for ornamental purpose, kinda like adding parts to Mr. Potato Head, just to round out things. lol

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Sure, but it wouldn’t work out to be a productive relationship lol. I would just reenforce my own lazy habits all day and then seriously get nothing done.

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@uberbatman LOL…yeah, me too, I’m really good at romancing myself. haha

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I guess I’m a reasonable catch. I have stuff that needs work, but I have yet to meet the perfect person, so I guess I’d take me with my flaws.

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@Adirondackwannabe Which of your stuff needs work? :-)

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@janbb You’ve got to know me well and you still have to ask?

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I would if the mood is right.

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No. I’m high strung. In the day when I was dateable, I was energetic, and all go. The best match for me is someone with a real even temperment, who enjoys my sense of humor, but brings my high gear back a bit.
I wondered, once upon a time, if I were cloned, would a seduction be homosexuality, or masterbation? I decided it just wouldn’t work either way. When things get rolling, I need to be the only woman there.

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Fuck No. Too much baggage, too many problems, too many demons. I sometimes seemingly get moody or angry for no apparent reason when I’m really trying to keep an aspect of myself under control (fortunately, keeping busy tends to keep my mind from wandering towards more terrifying fantasies and personalities). Which generally also makes me too tired.

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I date myself two or three times a day.

four times on the weekend

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@Blondesjon Haha…how’s the missus?

I’m dating myself tonight, a couple of Coronas, nice springy evening, yummy little gourmet dinner waiting, singin’ a song, gazing out into the beautiful sunset, romancing my own stone. lol

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Hell no. Date me?! I wouldn’t even talk to me.

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I “date” myself on a regular basis.

I even reference Red Skelton, though I’m post Jack Benny. Dim memories of ed Sullivan. I don’t know if saw Peyton’s place, but I’ve seen clips.

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Yes. Early Tang Dynasty it would appear from carbon dating.

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I’m dating my cell phone… does that count?

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@Coloma I am good at romancing myself too! We should go on a double date sometime! lol

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@Cruiser Haha….spirit dating, you don’t even have to leave home. lol

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@Coloma . . . she is doing well and thanks you for asking :)

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If were a man would I date me? Sure if I liked a 5’ 3’’ small woman who was friendly and somewhat mysterious, not a beauty but definitely not ugly either. Sure I would be interested in getting to know me better.

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As long as it is Dutch. I’m not paying for two… knowing how much I eat.

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