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How do you calm down after an emotional turmoil?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) March 23rd, 2014

What steps do you follow to make yourself at ease?

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Usually 5 steps 1.V 2.O3.D 4.K 5.A try it it really works.

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Exercise alone with headphones on. Go see a movie (not a deep dark drama), also alone. I try to keep my brain and body active and distracted until I’ve calmed down. Then reflect. Try to put yourself in the other’s shoes.

If needed, apologize, but I don’t hand out fake apologies just to make peace. It makes genuine apologies trustworthy. You can always talk things out and usually agree to disagree.

Drinking is a terrible idea for me when I’m angry.

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Spider Solitaire or a comedy. Music can also help.

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Venting to a close friend.

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Start by doing something very physical combined with lots of shrieking. If you can attach yourself to a vacuum cleaner, then run it over the entire house, yelling all the while. When you calm down, reexamine your actions, motives and impulses. Then work on how to avoid a similar distress next time.

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log off the computer.

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Have a cup of chamomile tea. Engage in yoga breathing.

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Hang with my cats…they seem to have an immediate soothing effect…

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I take a vigorous walk all the while being consciously mindful of my every step. I listen to the sounds my footfall makes on the ground. I listen to the traffic noise. I concentrate on any sounds or sights of nature.

It takes me outside my head and gives me some perspective.

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Music helps, as does getting myself outside or playing piano. Playing with an animal is great, too. Sometimes it’s enough to force myself to smile and take a deep breath.

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I hold my breath and try to force it out. I know it’s not entirely healthy, but it is a lot better then self harm. After a few seconds I release the breath, and get a nice little endorphin rush, which calms me down from losing my temper or doing something stupid.

I also try to get outside as much as possible when I am in a dark, or moody place. I go for a walk in the woods near my house and talk to myself, usually about my problems. If I don’t want to deal with them, I just tell stories to myself, or talk through one of the novels I am currently writing.

If none of that works, it’s onto the phone to find a friend, and then have them distract me, or listen to me vent.

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I wander into nature. That relaxes me and gets my mind focused.

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When I’m upset about something, I might listen to music to help me purge my emotions. For example, Alice In Chains got me through my separation and divorce in the late ‘90s. I also find it helpful to process my feelings through writing in a journal. I write about my situation and feelings as though I’m telling them to my closest friend, then as I read them I imagine what I would say if it had been written by my closest friend. In other words, writing about it helps me express the feelings, and seeing my problems written out helps me step back and view the situation more objectively.

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By the time I finish making all that dirt fit back in the hole I’m on a pretty even keel.

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I listen to YouTube, have a pizza and name brand coke. Then take a nap.

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